“Amazing Grace” Hymn Study Guide

Do you want to include Hymn Study in your homeschool but are struggling to find time and have no idea what resources to use?

This free guide is exactly what you need to be more consistent and effective with Hymn Study! You’ll have fun learning about music, and growing in your faith, all at the same time. Plus, it’s perfect for the whole family!

About the "Amazing Grace" Hymn Study

  • Step-by-step guide
  • No prep needed
  • 23-page pdf curriculum
  • For all ages
  • Sheet music and video links included
  • No prior musical knowledge necessary!
Get your 23-page "Amazing Grace" Hymn Study Guide here!
Get your 23-page "Amazing Grace" Hymn Study Guide here!

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Here’s exactly what you’ll find in your FREE Great Hymns of the Faith “Amazing Grace” Hymn Study Guide:

  • Learn the Story Behind the Song so that you'll appreciate where it came from.
  • Devotional and Bible Study in order to grow in your faith.
  • 3 Types of Copywork and a Coloring Page so that younger kids can be involved, too.
  • A fun and simple Music Lesson on the Pentatonic Scale (the scale that "Amazing Grace" is written with) to add depth to your hymn study.
  • Even if you have never sung in parts before, Gena teaches you how to sing in 4-part harmony with videos of each voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass).


"We started it today and love it. It really is exactly what I had been wanting for my family. Thanks for making it!"

Tauna Meyer - homeschool mom of 6 and
blogger at Proverbial Homemaker

Get your 23-page "Amazing Grace" Hymn Study Guide here!