Two Home Page Options

Hey there! With Powerhouse, you get to pick from two awesome home page designs. Whether you’re all about a cool, modern vibe or something a bit more classic, we’ve got you covered. It’s super easy to switch things up and find the look that feels just right for your site. Get ready to make your home page totally ‘you’!

Instagram Page

Love your Instagram? So do we! Our ‘link in bio style’ page lets you connect your Insta fans directly to your site. It’s like having a mini Instagram right on your webpage, where you can show off your posts or point followers to your coolest stuff. It’s a fab way to keep your audience hooked and bring your social vibe to your site.

Landing Optin Page

Want more sign-ups? Our Landing Optin Page is a game-changer. It’s designed to grab attention and get those visitor details. Perfect for newsletters, special offers, or just keeping in touch with your peeps. It’s all about turning those casual visitors into loyal fans!

So Easy to Customize

Customizing your site with Powerhouse is a piece of cake! Seriously, no tech genius required. Change up colors, play with fonts, move things around – all with a few simple clicks. It’s your space, so have fun making it just the way you like it, hassle-free.

Wireframe Canva Template

Got big ideas for your site but not sure where to start? Our Wireframe Canva Template is your new best friend. Sketch out your dream site, shuffle things around, and see what works best. It’s super easy and a fantastic way to bring your vision to life, even if you’re not a design pro!

Copy Prompts from Ruth

Stuck on what to write? Don’t sweat it! With Ruth Soukup’s awesome Copy Prompts, you’ll never be lost for words. These prompts are like little sparks of inspiration for your blog posts, product descriptions, or anything else you’re cooking up. Get ready to write content that’s as fun and unique as you are!