I’m so excited to finally bring The Music in Our Homeschool Podcast with Gena Mayo to life!

Music in Our Homeschool Podcast with Gena Mayo

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What’s the Music in Our Homeschool Podcast all about?

The Music in Our Homeschool Podcast with Gena Mayo has been years in the making, and it’s finally here! Gena is a homeschooling mom of 8 and music teacher for over 30 years. The website and online course site Music in Our Homeschool started in 2015.

On the podcast Gena will be sharing:

  • her best homeschooling music education tips and tricks
  • great resources to use to teach music in your homeschool
  • inspiration from great composers and musicians
  • and practical music education activities that you can use with your kids immediately.

Since most homeschool parents don’t have a background on how to teach music to their kids, Gena is here to guide you every step of the way!

Enrich your homeschooling journey with the joy and ease of homeschool music education. Each week, Gena shares practical tips, homeschool music resources, and inspiration for homeschool parents and teachers to seamlessly integrate music into your curriculum.

From 15-minute music appreciation quick wins to in-depth explorations of music theory for homeschoolers, we’ve got you covered. Explore composers’ stories, gain insights into music concepts, and discover affordable home education resources such as homeschool music lessons to bring quality to your homeschooling experience.

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What Would You Like to Hear on the Podcast?

Is there a particular question you have about homeschool music education? Would you like me to talk about a specific music concept, composer, style, instrument, or piece? Is there someone you’d recommend I interview on the podcast? Have a particular music education resource, class, or course you’d like me to review? Leave a comment below or on the form here:

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