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10 Amazing Ways to Include Music in Your Morning Basket Time

Who loves doing Morning Basket Time with your kids? Have you ever added music? Morning Basket Time is that time at the beginning of the homeschool day when you gather all the kids together to do some group activities before each scurries off to do their independent school work. What are some things I have in my personal morning basket? Books to read aloud, poems, flashcards, dice for various games, my phone (for videos and songs), individual dry-erase boards and markers, maps, and school/art supplies. And, you can add music to this time, too — very simply and easily! So, here are 10 amazing ways to include music in your morning basket time!

10 Amazing Ways to Include Music in Your Morning Basket Time

Here are 10 Amazing Ways to Include Music in Your Morning Basket Time from Music in Our Homeschool

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Last spring I learned to play the recorder alongside my elementary kids with Recorder Time with Mr. Jerry! We did it during Morning Basket Time each day and had a blast. Mr. Jerry is engaging and a lot of fun. Learning to play the recorder has so many benefits, too! 


Last fall, my elementary kids and I did a class called Ukulele Adventures from Musik at Home! Again, Morning Basket Time was the perfect way for us to include our lessons each day and spend a few minutes practicing together.

Ukulele Adventures ukulele lessons for kids from Musik at Home


There are several options for adding singing to your homeschool during Morning Basket Time. You can use one of the courses from Singing Made Easy or another course such as 10 Songs All Preschoolers Should Know and A Folk Song a Week.

Hymn Study

Great Hymns of the Faith is one of the most popular courses I’ve ever written. It’s such a blessing to learn the great hymns of the Christian faith with our kids.

Beginning Music Theory

If you’re ready to add some beginning music theory to your homeschool, Morning Basket Time is the perfect time to do it! Print out some flashcards and practice the names of notes or clap some rhythms. Need to go back to the basics and learn beginning music theory with your kids? Get all you need from the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership!

Advanced Music Theory is another course that is included in the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership.

Advanced Music Theory from Music in Our Homeschool Plus


Do some games for music in your morning basket time and it will be a blast for your kids! We’ve done some like Meet the Instruments Bingo from SQUILT!

Composer Study

Another type of music in our Morning Basket Time that we have often incorporated is composer study. There are so many awesome courses for this at such as Learn Classical Music With Cartoons!

Living books about Music

Reading aloud is my favorite part of Morning Basket Time! And, you can find some amazing books to teach about specific pieces of music (such as The Nutcracker, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, or Peter and the Wolf), about instruments, or about particular styles of music (such as jazz or opera).

Composer Biographies

And, of course, there are composer biographies you can read aloud. These are plentiful in your library. Read lots of them during your morning time!

Audios (CDs, Podcasts)

My all-time favorite audios (come in MP3 and CD versions) are those from Maestro Classics! Check out the free samples. Wouldn’t these be fun to listen to during Morning Basket Time? And, I also love the short podcast episodes made especially for kids on the Classics for Kids website.

And, the Bonus: Use the MIOH+ Monthly Music Calendar!

This is what I do now. I use the Music in Our Homeschool Plus (MIOH+) Monthly Music Calendar. It tells me exactly what lesson to do each day, and I just click the link and go. Nothing could be easier!

The Music in Our Homeschool Plus monthly music lesson calendar.


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  1. Thank you for this post. We are going to give morning basket time another try this school year, and I appreciate the ideas for incorporating music.

  2. Thanks for listing these resources – definitely checking some out. 🙂 And thanks for offering the gift card giveaway!

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