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Composer Spotlight Bach -Review & Giveaway- New SQUILT products

SQUILT Composer Spotlights Bach review & giveaway

If you have looked into SQUILT music appreciation products before, you know they are great! Mary Prather has recently released some new products called SQUILT Spotlights, which are shorter composer studies. Today I’m happy to review (and give away!) Composer Spotlight Bach.

SQUILT Composer Spotlight Bach

Composer Spotlight Bach is a 45-page download that allows you to easily teach your kids about the composer Johann Sebastian Bach and three of his most famous pieces. All links needed to listen to the music are provided, as well as

  • biographical information about the composer
  • notebooking pages
  • 3 SQUILT lessons – exploring 3 of the composer’s representative works
  • composer quotes copywork
  • links to other websites for further learning
  • additional supplemental activities and listening selections

Bach and Handel are available now and are only $10 each!

SQUILT lessons are appropriate for elementary students and can easily be stretched to be used with preschool and middle school. SQUILT stands for Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time and is a method of teaching music appreciation where you encourage the students to listen super quietly.

Here is how we used Composer Spotlight Bach in our home today, but it’s designed to be flexible and can be used in many ways.

First, I read the biographical info about Bach. There is even more information (books, videos, music) at a special Bach Resource Page at the SQUILT site (find the password in the curriculum). We learn about the composer as well as the Baroque musical period. My older kids filled out the included composer notebooking sheet and my younger ones colored the coloring sheet.

SQUILT Composer Spotlight Bach review and giveaway

Then, we listened to the first piece after discussing dynamics, rhythm/tempo, instrumentation, and mood. Everything you need to teach these concepts is included. My older ones filled out the Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time page and my younger ones and child with dyslexia did the “Draw What You Hear” page. This first piece also includes a notebooking page about the harpsichord which we can do at another time. In addition, there are a number of copywork pages of Bach quotes that will be great to work on during future listening sessions.

SQUILT Composer Spotlight Bach review and giveaway

SQUILT Composer Spotlight Bach review and giveaway

SQUILT Composer Spotlight Bach review and giveaway

SQUILT Composer Spotlight Bach review and giveaway

I’m always impressed with how much information is included in SQUILT. You will find it a super-easy way to get some music appreciation into your kids! You may want to check out Composer Spotlight Handel

SQUILT Composer Spotlight Handel

or Musical Eras.

SQUILT Musical Era Bundle for music appreciation

Head over to SQUILT to download some samples !

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)

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  1. I haven’t taught them about Bach yet, however, we have learned about several other wonderful musical composers!

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