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5 Simple Ways to Homeschool Music

Homeschool Music? I know you want to include music, but it can be a struggle. No time? No knowledge of how to teach it? Here are 5 Super Easy and Fun Ideas you can implement in your homeschool even tomorrow!

5 Super Easy and Fun Ideas for Homeschool Music

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Dance with Scarves

Grab a pretty scarf, or even a cloth napkin or bandana, and turn on some music to dance to! Let your kids’ creativity and expression grow as they dance all the way through their fingertips! Here are some options for music to play: Saint Saen’s Aquarium, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and Debussy’s Arabesque.

Music for Preschoolers

Play Simple Rhythm Instruments

I love using simple rhythm instruments such as rhythm sticks, egg shakers, and hand drums (or a pot with a wooden spoon!) for kids to practice steady beat. Try playing different styles of music such as Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever, John Williams’s Cantina Band, and big band music like In the Mood.

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Use Chants to Practice Steady Beat

Chants and nursery rhymes are wonderful ways to help your kids practice keeping a steady beat (an essential skill for musicianship).

Here’s a chant you’ll love and it incorporates creative ways to play the rhythm sticks. Watch the “Workshop Chant” on the video and get a free download the words to “The Workshop Chant” here.

Download the words to “The Workshop Chant” here:

The Workshop Chant by Gena Mayo MusicinOurHomeschool free download

Learn Classical Music with Cartoons

A super fun way to learn about composers and the famous music they wrote is through cartoons! Use my online course Learn Classical Music with Cartoons to learn about 27 different composers and see cartoons that span 100 years!

Every lesson also contains an optional movement activity to get the kids off the couch and moving their bodies to the music. Printables such as the Study-a-Composer printable pack and Dynamics flashcards are also included. And, you even get a 2-question online quiz for each lesson!

See a free preview of the J. Strauss Jr. and “Tales from the Vienna Woods lesson here.

Learn Classical Music with Cartoons

Identify the Sounds of Instruments

Find some pictures of instruments in a book or here. You can even print some out and make flashcards. Then, search YouTube for the sounds and quiz your kids (and yourself!) to identify the picture of the instrument you’re hearing.

Do this course to learn more about instruments. You’ll love the included notebooking and coloring pages!

Musical Instrument Course & Notebooking Pages testimonial quote

What are some other simple ways to Homeschool Music? Leave a comment below!

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