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Review: Music Flash Card Game Bundle


Who is looking for some music flash cards, and games to play them with? Well, today’s review is for you!

I’m happy to review the Music Flash Card Bundle by Susan Brown of Warm Hearts Publishing.


This bundle contains four products:

  1. Music Intervals and Key Signatures flash cards
  2. Music Symbols flash cards
  3. Musical Terms flash cards
  4. Note Name Keyboard Collapse Flash Card Game

You can enter to win the bundle at the end of this post!

I found the flash cards very easy to print–just print double-sided and only the pages that are actually flash cards. (There are instructions included on how to print them.) I then cut them out and laminated them.

The flash cards are perfect for any student who is taking music lessons, younger child through teen. I love that there are game ideas included with full descriptions of how to play them– Name It, Last One Standing, Tic-Tac-Toe, Around the Room, Hot Seat, Grab It, Ball Toss, Spin the Bottle, Two Circles, Flyswatter, Memory, and Scavenger Hunt!

The fourth product listed above includes a set of flash cards plus pages of a game to put together called Note Name Keyboard Collapse. One neat thing about this game for 2 players is that each student has his own set of flash cards, so they can be especially suited for his level.

Music Intervals and Key Signatures flash cards include the intervals of middle C in treble clef to all the individual notes up to an octave on a staff. The backs of the cards have labels such as second, diminished fourth, minor 7th. Then there is a set of cards for each key signature: flats and sharps. The back gives both the major and minor key signature such as E-flat major or C minor.


Music Symbols flash cards include 45 different symbols such as notes, rests, fermata, crescendo, etc. The back lists the name and description. For example, it says “Quarter Note gets 1 count in common time.”


Music Terms flash cards include 24 terms such as a tempo and dolce. The back gives the meaning such as “Resume the original tempo” and “sweetly.”


(Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the Music Flash Card Bundle in order to write this honest review.)

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  1. How wonderful to find music helps! My husband and I are musicians but I have not found anything quite like this to help my daughter love music

  2. Both of my children, 10 & 4, would love this program. They are always asking how music is made. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. I think all of my children would benefit from these cards! We’re starting music theory this fall and I’m excited.

  4. My daughter loves tinkering on the piano. I home preschool her and I have her watching Little Einsteins to get her introduced to the basics of music. these cards look great.

  5. These look like a great addition to add to our at home piano lessons! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter would love this. My husband plays guitar and I sing. We lead worship at our church so music is a big part of our lives. Thanks!

  7. I’ve loved music since I was a child. Now, I’m teaching music for grades K-5 at a church school. These would be a tremendous help in my lessons!

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