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What is the Skoove Piano Learning App?

Today I have an interview format guest post to learn all about Skoove piano learning app!

All about the Skoove piano learning app.

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Tell me about Skoove

Skoove is a piano tutor that you can use directly from your browser, or from the app on your iOS device.

Update: Skoove is now available across all platforms! See it in the Google Play Story here.

It’s designed to teach you to play the piano right from the first lesson through to advanced songs. It has over 400 lessons across 10 courses which we are continually adding to.

We’ve created the courses to be fun and engaging, with bite-size lessons. So you just take in one or two concepts with each lesson. You can repeat any lesson you like as many times as you like until you feel ready to move on.

All about the Skoove piano learning app.

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What devices is the app for?

Skoove works with any computer or iOS device, phone, laptop or tablet. You can use it with an acoustic piano or a digital piano or electronic keyboard.

If you use a digital piano you can plug it directly into your device where it will use MIDI connection. If you have an acoustic piano, Skoove uses Artificial Intelligence to “listen” to what you play and give you feedback in real-time.

What is special or unique about it?

All about the Skoove piano learning app.

Skoove gets you playing the songs you want to be able to play really quickly. When you get started, it doesn’t slow you down with lots of music theory and jargon, but simply uses finger numbers (an essential part of piano playing) and note heads to get started.

If you’re an absolute beginner, it doesn’t start on note time values (rhythm) right away. But because you’re probably playing a song you already know, the rhythm will come easily to you without worrying about how the rhythm is notated.

Then, as you go through the lessons, Skoove starts to feed you bite-size information about music theory. It focuses on the things you need to know for the song you’re currently learning. This way lessons don’t get overwhelming.

Skoove encourages you to listen to the song you’re going to learn before you start playing. Listening is a very important part of learning an instrument and is, of course, what music is all about.
Skoove’s AI “listening” also makes it special as it gives you the option to work with an acoustic piano.

All about the Skoove piano learning app.

When was it created?

Skoove was created in 2014. We have steadily built up the number of lessons and songs available. Since we launched, students from over 200 countries have played through over one million lessons!

What ages is it for?

There’s really no age limit in either direction. Children can easily use it by themselves as it’s very user-friendly and intuitive.

Adults who wish to learn to play the piano can find lessons in the style of music they prefer, whatever their level of experience. And, of course, Skoove can be a shared experience between children and siblings, children and their parents, or friends.

All about the Skoove piano learning app.

How can it help students become better pianists?

Skoove reinforces note-reading skills right from the start. Reading music makes learning the piano much easier and opens up the world of sheet music to the student. Even if a student takes traditional piano lessons, working with Skoove on their note-reading skills in between lessons will make them better sight-readers.

Skoove also encourages using the correct finger on each note of a song, right from the get-go. Getting from one note to the next on the piano smoothly depends on using the correct fingers. If you don’t do this, you find you run out of fingers and get all tangled up! So it’s really important.

Skoove lessons take you through carefully graded lessons so that you take the next logical step each time. There’s no skipping over concepts that you need in order to understand the next lesson.

If a student practices with Skoove regularly, sometimes reviewing a lesson and only moving on to the next step when they feel confident, over time they will see an enormous improvement in their capability and enjoyment.

Left to their own devices, some piano students will rush ahead with a song, eager to be able to play it. But passing over essential music theory lessons and dexterity building doesn’t produce the best results.
Skoove gives students carefully disciplined guidance so they go onto the next step with a good grounding of all the basic skills needed.

Why did you decide to create it?

The idea of Skoove initially came out of bad experiences with traditional piano lessons.

We looked at the language learning market and it inspired us to do something similar. But we made it about learning a musical instrument instead of a foreign language.

We had a lot of experience developing digital products from ones that had originally been analog and we thought that by combining our knowledge and experience, we could create a really effective piano learning app. And that’s what we have done.

All about the Skoove piano learning app.

Is Skoove Piano Learning App Free?

There are two levels of pricing. The Free level provides you with 25 free piano lessons, no credit card required to sign up! The Premium level provides 400+ piano lessons, monthly updated lessons and songs, one-on-one support from Skoove music instructors, and special courses.

Is there a Free Trial?

Yes! Scroll to the bottom of this page to find a Free 7-Day Trial of Skoove Premium Level.

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  1. Looks very interesting. So far we have done a few lessons from Hoffman Academy and my daughter has gotten a couple of unofficial lessons from a friend who plays.

  2. Love this concept! I grew up playing the piano and violin, excited to have my kids join me on my musical journey.

  3. My kids have taken piano lessons before for a few years, but it became cost-prohibitive after a few years, so unfortunately we had to stop. But it was a great foundation.

  4. I took a group piano class in high school and for one semester in college. My kids have never had lessons.

  5. My son had been taking piano lessons at our enrichment program and was making progress, but the teacher got a full time job and had to stop teaching. This program looks like a good way for him to continue learning.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing about this! We just moved a few weeks ago to a different state and plan on picking up lessons again when things get settled and over the summer, but this is something I think my daughter will enjoy doing over the summer and in between lessons. She could really benefit from the interactive reinforcement and I think it will give her more motivation to learn some theory and rules too. Thank you!!

  7. My older son used to take lessons. Then he got interested in guitars & the ukulele. My younger son has just started showing interest in piano lessons & this sounds perfect for us!

  8. We are homeschooling now since schools are shut down. Looking for some music lessons. Never done piano before.

  9. I took traditional piano lessons as a child. This looks like a convenient way for my kids to try out music lessons.

  10. One of my sons has been showing a lot of interest in learning piano. He’s had a few lessons given by our teenage neighbor but that’s it. This looks like a great way of learning.

  11. I like the learning aspect of this app, with regards to reading notes and the like, but other apps go well beyond this one and have you learning a lot more whole songs than Skoove even has available.

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