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31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool- Landing Page

31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool ~ 31 music education articles about music ed tips, music curriculum resources, and more to help you include music in your homeschool! #musicinourhomeschool #musiceducation #musiclessonsforkids #homeschoolmusic

Today is the Big Launch Day of my new website Music in Our Homeschool.

To celebrate we will have “31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool!”

31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool

I’m so excited to share 2 things with you:

  • Each day of January will contain a new post- 31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool- dedicated to bringing you a new resource or tip to help you include music in your homeschool!
  • We have a Totally Awesome “Music in Our Homeschool” Giveaway featuring 13 products and worth over $500! Come back tomorrow when the Giveaway goes live. (It’s my birthday and the gift is for you!)

See below for the 31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool posts which will be coming this month:

  1. 31 Days of “Music in Our Homeschool” Landing Page (It’s the post you’re reading.)
  2. The “Music in Our Homeschool” Website Launch Giveaway- worth over $500!
  3. “But I Can’t Teach My Child Music!” by Marcia Washburn (Beethoven Who?)
  4.  Can You Name That Classical Tune? by Amy Schorr
  5. Unit Study for Seussical the Musical Jr. by Gena Mayo
  6. A Letter to a Parent from a Music Teacher by Amy Paxton
  7. 6 Ways You CAN Incorporate Music in Your Homeschool Today by Kathy Gossen
  8. And the music never happened. . . until Enrichment Studies! by Erica Johns
  9. Add to Your Music Studies: Famous Composer Notebooking Pages by Gena Mayo
  10. Free Online Piano Lessons from Hoffman Academy by Joseph Hoffman
  11. 21 Lessons in 20th Century American Music Appreciation by Gena Mayo
  12. 6 MORE Tips for Starting Private Music Lessons by Gena Mayo
  13. Monthly Series on Composers with Free Printable Packs by Annette Breedlove
  14. How to Experience Music as a Normal Part of Life by Diana Waring
  15. Study 26 Composers in a Year with “A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers” by Gena Mayo
  16. The BEST Music Games and Apps (Part 1) by Jerry Berger
  17. Easter Hymn Study with Not Consumed by Gena Mayo
  18. Top 10 Musicals to Watch With Younger Kids by Gena Mayo
  19. An Easy DIY Felt Music Staff to Practice Note Names by Gena Mayo
  20. Music is Like Calculus by Michael Mayo
  21. Why and How to do “Music and Movement” With Your Preschoolers by Gena Mayo
  22. KinderBach online piano and preschool music lessons by Gena Mayo
  23. HomeschoolPiano for on-your-own piano lessons by Gena Mayo
  24. Should You MAKE Your Child Practice an Instrument? by Melanie Wilson
  25. What are SQUILT Music Lessons?: Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time by Gena Mayo
  26. What Music Looks Like in Our Home by Lena Marsh
  27. Music Freebies from I Choose Joy! by Gena Mayo
  28. Music With Nancy: Great Songs to Teach Young Children by Nancy Kopman
  29. Music For Little Learners Hands-On Resources by Gena Mayo
  30. Talent to Treasure: Transform Your Musical Skills into Extra Income by Marcia Washburn
  31. How to Help Your Homeschool Student be Successful With Piano Lessons by Susie Kolterman

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  1. WOW! I am so impressed and super excited about your site and the 31 days topics. I really appreciate the vast age range you cover- I have them all. The subjects look so fun and are specific enough to teach without the children becoming overwhelmed. My children and I are in love with your site. We can’t wait to see more!

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