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7 Proven Ways to Get Your Elementary Kids Interested in Music

Are you looking for ways to get your kids interested in music? It’s not as hard as you might think! Today I’m sharing 7 Proven Ways to Get Your Elementary Kids Interested in Music.

Watch this fun Facebook Live video I did with Melanie Wilson, of Psycho With 6. Or feel free to read the 7 Ways below the video!

7 Easy Ways to Get Your Elementary Kids Interested in Music

7 Proven Ways to Get Your Elementary kids interested in music Music in Our Homeschool

Expose elementary students to a variety of music

Sometimes we moms or teachers just tend to play the same style or type of music over and over. Or, we assume the child won’t like a particular style, so we don’t even try it. Well, break out of that rut! Turn on the classical or jazz radio station in the car. Have Alexa or Google play some big band or bluegrass music. Branch out into world music, like Indian or Chinese or Caribbean. Play some opera or musical theater. Just expose the students and see what happens! It’s just like food; sometimes kids need several opportunities to try it before they like it!

Combine music with games

You probably already know there are lots of online music game sites and apps for devices, but you can also play some fun games like Musical Instrument Bingo, memory/concentration with Composer Flash Cards, or crossword puzzles and word searches to learn music vocabulary!

Read books about music and composers

Every year new, fun books are coming out about composers, musical instruments, and musical styles. Check with your library to find some awesome ones. Some of my favorites are the biographies that talk about the composer when they were a child. Kids really seem to relate well to those.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Play simple rhythm instruments

Do you have any simple rhythm instruments at home? You can purchase some, but you can also make them! Create a shaker by filling a plastic Easter egg with rice. Or, make sand blocks by taking two flat hand-sized pieces of wood and gluing sandpaper to them. Drums are in your kitchen with a pot and wooden spoon!

Use your rhythm instruments to play along to the music! Here are some songs to get you started:

Sing great songs

Do your kids know great songs? Around Christmas-time this would be Christmas carols. But, there are also folk songs and hymns. You may want to use one of my online courses such as Music of Christmas, A Folk Song a Week, or Great Hymns of the Faith to help you teach the songs.

Do music activities or crafts

Are your kids into arts and crafts? Combine that love with music! Here are a few fun music activities or crafts to do:

Attend a live performance

Check to see if there are any “Kids Concerts” in your area since they are a bit more attainable for the younger kids. But, then branch out even more and take your kids to a symphony, band or choir concert, musical, opera, or ballet!


What are your favorite ideas to get elementary kids interested in music? Please share in the comments below!

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