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Musical and Life Benefits from Musik at Home Classes

Today I’d like to share with you some of the musical benefits from Musik at Home classes! Kathryn Brunner has been a friend of mine for years. When I first started Music in Our Homeschool in 2015 I was going to add some early childhood music and movement video lessons like those I was teaching at my homeschool co-op (and had also taught from my home for years). But, then I realized Kathryn was already doing it, and she is amazing! So, I focused on other classes. If you’re looking for these “mommy and me” type of preschool classes, beginning piano, beginning ukulele, or percussion, she’s your girl!

Check out this inspiring reel from Kathryn and her daughter!

Kathryn's daughter performing an improvisation on the piano

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Encouraging Your Child’s Freedom of Expression

One of the benefits of music education is encouraging your child’s freedom of expression. Kathryn says, “That’s what Musik at Home classes are designed to do if parents stick with them long enough! That’s my heart for every child — to know what it’s like to express themselves freely in music with their own voice.”

Isn’t that a beautiful skill and ability we’d love to give to our children? If you subscribe to the Musik at Home membership, and stick with it throughout their child’s early years, they will reap an incredible reward of freedom of expression, not only in music, but in other areas!

The Benefits for My Own Children

I didn’t use Musik at Home with my own children because, as I said before, I was already teaching the same program! All eight of my kids had these early childhood music and movement types of classes from the time they were babies through kindergarten age. Then, they moved onto other types of music education such as violin lessons, piano lessons, musical theater classes, etc.

Now, let me tell you about the freedom of expression (musical and otherwise) I truly believe those early classes gave them:

  • My oldest son writes songs and performed in a band throughout college. He was an incredible musical theater actor throughout high school, too. My favorite roles he played were Gaston and Farquaad. Now, he is a lobbyist in the Washington D.C. area, spending his days talking with and persuading people — still expressing himself!

Learning the Guitar Left-Handed: What You Need to Know

  • My second son works as a mechanical engineer designer and in his spare time creates digital music and has his own Spotify channel. He has taught and encouraged his two younger brothers (ages 17 and 13) to express themselves through composing digital music, and they have a Spotify channel, too!
  • My older three daughters are incredible dancers. I loved watching my oldest, especially (she is now a sophomore in college) do dance improvisation. And, what beautiful music she could create on the piano! In college, she has been learning the bass guitar on her own, for fun. 🙂
  • My youngest son, age 13, is getting better and better with expression on the piano everyday. I still remember that on one of his early piano recitals when he was about seven he played a piece he wrote himself.
  • My youngest daughter, age 11, is still taking piano and just performed a dance at her musical theater class where I saw her express herself like I had never seen before.

Last Chance for Musik at Home FREE Trial

Kathryn has been offering a Musik at Home free trial for years, but on March 4, that will end. And, it’s never been for this long and included this much before! Head here to try out Musik at Home for 1 MONTH FREE with unlimited access to the entire video library before the trial option disappears forever.

Or, read more about the Musik at Home membership here.

This ends March 4, 2023, so be sure to get your free trial now!

It says 7-day trial, but choose the option that says monthly trial and you’ll get a full month for FREE!

Musik at Home 1 Month Free Trial landing page

What is Included in the Musik at Home Membership?

You will get unlimited access to sequential, audiation-based music education classes with more than 500 musical activities inside the Musik at Home Membership!

Through immersive video lessons, your child will not only learn to speak the language of music, but also “think” the language of music.

You will get unlimited access to ALL of the class series inside the membership for children ages 0-10 including beginning piano classes!!

They’re accessible on the web, on apps for iPhone and Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

As an early childhood music educator and piano teacher with over 20 years of experience, Kathryn Brunner understands the importance of building a strong, musical foundation in the early years. 

That’s why the early childhood music classes in the Musik at Home Membership are designed to nurture not just musical skills, but your child’s confidence, imaginative creativity,  development, and overall development.

Musik at Home Membership

Specific Musik at Home Membership Classes Include: 

  • Family Music for Babies and Toddlers
  • Family Music for Preschoolers
  • Family Music for Ages 4-7
  • Family Music for Mixed Ages
  • Family Music for Christmas
  • Creative Keys Nordic Adventures Piano Lessons
  • I Love Note Reading
  • Parent Education videos

The classes included with a Musik at Home free trial!

Last Call for the Free Monthly Trial is March 4!

Sign up before March 4, 2024 and you’ll begin to bring your child all the musical and life benefits from Musik at Home classes!

Musik at Home 1 Month Free Trial

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