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Music and Poetry: “Hymns and Creeds” New Literature Guide from 7 Sisters Homeschool

It’s April and that means it’s Poetry Month! I’m doing a series this month called Music and Poetry where I’ll be sharing lessons, tips, and resources for combining music and poetry into some great learning times with your kids.

Hymns and Creeds literature guide from the Music & Poetry Series at Music in Our Homeschool #hymn #creed #literature #homeschool #musicinourhomeschool

Hymns and Creeds

Today I’m happy to share a review of Hymns and Creeds, a New Literature Guide from 7 SistersHomeschool. If you aren’t familiar with the 7 Sisters, they provide lots of great curriculum for high school (mostly) and have a new course for parents called Homeschool High School: You Can Do It as well as a podcast called Homeschool Highschool!

This purpose of this new literature study guide is to help your student learn about some great hymns and creeds of the Christian faith. Both of these types of literature can fit into the Poetry genre. This is a perfect month to study them.

Details about the Curriculum

The guide itself is a digital download and is 11 pages long. It’s appropriate for all levels of high school students and includes directions on how to use it with Basic/Average, College Prep, and Honors levels.

Here is what the high school student will study:

  • What is a hymn?
  • Some of the most well-known hymns
  • Choose 5 and research them online
  • Answer 7 questions (essay style) for each hymn
  • Supplemental creative writing activity
  • What is a creed?
  • Creeds in Scripture
  • The Apostles’ Creed with questions to answer
  • The Nicene Creed with questions to answer
  • Supplemental activity about 2 other creeds

What I liked

I was impressed with this short study guide. There are 3 things I like in particular

  1. It covers a subject of literature often left out by most teachers. Students will do literary analysis of hymns and creeds.
  2. It can be completed fairly quickly–in my opinion, 2 weeks if they work steadily and a month if the student puts more in-depth time and study into it.
  3. It can help a student in their faith walk by analyzing the words of the hymns and creeds of godly Christian men and women.

Hymns and Creeds Literature Guide from 7 SistersHomeschool is only $4.99. Pick up a copy and combine music and poetry this month!

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Hymns & Creeds Literature Guide to combine Music and Poetry

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