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Who are the Best Composers to Study?

If you’re planning on doing a composer study, or some music appreciation/music history, there are some composers I’m sure everyone would know to include: Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, for sure! But, what about other composers? How do you know which ones have written the best music in our Western tradition? What are the Best Composers to Study? Here are my thoughts.

Who are the best composers to study? Free checklist from Music in Our Homeschool

Who are the Best Composers to Study?

I have compiled a comprehensive list of 86 composers, broken down into the 5 musical eras: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Classical, Romantic, and Modern.

The list can be used by all ages, Pre-K through High School. Even adults can take the list and use it to listen to some composers they have never listened to before!

There is a blank beside each composer’s name, so you can make a note–maybe the date you studied him, or your favorite piece.


Download the free printable of “Who are the Best Composers to Study?” below.


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