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15-Minute Music Lesson of Music Inspired by Sharks

How about a new 15-Minute Music Lesson freebie? Let’s listen to some Music Inspired by Sharks — or at least the ocean where the sharks live. And, just in time for Shark Week! Be sure to download the Music Inspired by Sharks Printable Pack down below.

15-Minute Music Lesson of Music Inspired By Sharks, a free music lesson for kids of all ages from Music in Our Homeschool

Under the Sea

Can you believe the Disney movie musical The Little Mermaid is 30 years old? I remember being enthralled with this song when I saw it in the theater all those years ago. Be sure to sing and dance along to “Under the Sea.”

Pirates of the Caribbean

The wonderful, exciting film score for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was written by German composer Klaus Badelt. Pull together some instruments to play along to this music. You can use pots and wooden spoons, rhythm instruments you own, or make some homemade instruments!

Theme Song for Jaws

Have some fun with this song. Make a shark fin and pretend to swim around while listening to the theme song for the movie Jaws, written by American composer John Williams. Do you know any other movies he wrote the music for? Star Wars, Harry Potter, E.T., and Indiana Jones are just a few!

Bonus Music Inspired by Sharks:

If you have preschoolers, you might want to substitute the following song for one of the videos up above. Or, just use it to extend your shark fun!

Baby Shark

Music Inspired by Sharks Printable Pack

To purchase the 18-page Music Inspired by Sharks printable pack, head to my Teachers Pay Teachers store here!

These are the pages included:

  • Listen and Write notebooking page
  • Composer notebooking page
  • Listen and Draw notebooking page
  • Game Board
  • Color the Surfing Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark coloring page
  • How many dolphins?
  • Name and color the marine animals
  • S is for Shark
  • Sea Animals coloring
  • Shark adult coloring page
  • Sea Animal Crossword for Kids
  • Sea Animal Crossword for Kids answers
  • Shark dot-to-dot
  • Shark maze
  • Tiger shark coloring
  • Whale Shark Find 5 Differences
  • Whale Shark Find 5 Differences answers

Download a free sample of the Shark printable pack.

3 Pages Included

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