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5 Benefits of Using Piano Wizard to Learn How to Play Piano

What is Piano Wizard?

That’s what I’m hoping to answer for you today, as well as share what I’ve discovered are 5 Benefits of Using Piano Wizard to Learn How to Play Piano.

Piano Wizard is a program for learning how to play the piano. It uses a computer game format and starts the kids out on a piano keyboard sitting at the computer. I’ve never tried a piano learning program like this before, so it was fascinating to see how it works.

5 Benefits of Using Piano Wizard to Learn How to Play Piano

There are basically 5 levels a student goes through for each song. (See this demonstrated in our video below.)

Level 1: See shapes go up and play them on your keyboard at the right time.

Level 2: The piano keyboard on the computer screen has now been turned vertically. The student still plays the notes by watching the shapes and colors.

Level 3: The shapes are now colored notes on a staff to prepare them for reading music. They move sideways.

Level 4: Next, the colored notes are real black notes.

Level 5: Then take the actual sheet music over to a real piano and play the song.

Placing the colored stickers on the keyboard so the notes are matched to the game.

How to use Piano Wizard to learn to play the piano

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Here are 5 Benefits of Using Piano Wizard to Learn How to Play Piano:

1. Students can start at an earlier age

I usually recommend that students begin playing the piano at about age 7. With Piano Wizard, they can begin as early as age 3 because they can use a keyboard with small keys to fit their hand size better.

How to use Piano Wizard to learn to play the piano

2. It’s a game, so kids are excited to practice.

There are colors and background accompaniments and fun video game backgrounds. The kids can change things, like the tempo or the background or which hand they are playing. And they are challenged to “get to the next level.”

Piano Wizard Screenshot

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3. They will be doing improvisation early.

There is a part of the game called “Jam Mode,” which is basically free playing. The kids can play with the accompaniment and make it up as they go!

4. You have everything you need at home (no hiring a teacher or traveling to lessons).

This is so helpful for those in a remote area, with many kids, or in a place without a piano teacher. You purchase once and can use it for your whole family!

How to use Piano Wizard to learn to play the piano

5. Kids learn to read music quickly.

I love that the goal of Piano Wizard is to get kids reading sheet music. And, they will within days (or maybe even the same day) of starting!

Piano Wizard Step 4

Don and Delayna are delightful and fun in the videos.  Both students and parents will enjoy them. You’ll learn all you need to know to help your student with their piano learning by watching the videos, even if you don’t play piano yourself!

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