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All About the Christmas Musicals mini-course

The holiday season is upon us, and for homeschooling moms, that means it’s time to add some festive flair to your curriculum. But why stick with the same old lessons and activities when you can jazz things up and introduce something new and exciting?

That’s where the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course comes in, offering an incredible opportunity to celebrate the spirit of the season while diving into the world of musical theater and Christmas movies. Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to an unforgettable holiday educational experience!

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Spice Up Your Christmas School with the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

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Introducing the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

The brand new course from Music in Our Homeschool by Gena Mayo is called the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course, and it’s your ticket to three weeks of music appreciation lessons tailored for the holiday season. This course is designed to inject the magic of musical theater into your homeschooling routine, giving your children a chance to explore the world of Christmas-themed musicals.

What’s Inside the Mini-Course

The Christmas Musicals Mini-Course covers three beloved Christmas musicals:

  1. A Christmas Carol: the Musical (by Alan Menken and Lynn Ahrens)
  2. Elf: the Musical (by Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin)
  3. Irving Berlin’s White Christmas

Each week’s lesson provides a wealth of information and resources, making it incredibly easy for you to implement “Christmas School” throughout December. Here’s what you can expect with each week’s lesson:

  • Information about the composers and lyricists.
  • Background information on the musical.
  • A synopsis of the story.
  • A list of songs in the musical.
  • Several songs to watch from each musical (embedded videos right there in the course).
  • A musical concept lesson for each musical.
  • An online quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Embedded video performances of each entire musical.
  • Additional optional resources to extend your learning, such as books to read, additional movie versions to watch, and art lessons.

Spice Up Your Christmas School with the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

How Long do the Lessons Take?

The best part? The lessons are entirely flexible in terms of length. You can spend as little as 15 minutes a day, perfect for a quick, engaging educational activity. Or, extend your learning to up to 3 hours by watching the entire musical in addition to the included lessons.

It’s even a great opportunity for “Family Christmas Movie Nights,” creating cherished memories as you enjoy these heartwarming Christmas classics together.

Spice Up Your Christmas School with the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

For Whom Is The Christmas Musicals Mini-Course Ideal?

The Christmas Musicals Mini-Course is designed for upper elementary through high school students. However, since every family’s standards and preferences may vary, it’s recommended to preview the content, especially the full musicals, to ensure they align with your expectations for appropriateness. (Every director makes stylist changes to costumes or how to portray a scene–you just never know exactly what to expect!)

Nevertheless, the embedded shorter videos within the course are generally considered suitable for middle-school-aged children and most are appropriate for elementary-aged children.


Testimonials about the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course Speak Volumes

Hear what other homeschooling parents have to say about this delightful course:

  • “This is amazing! After 12 years of homeschooling, we’ve done all the Christmas carols, antiphons, and hymns already. This is the perfect holiday resource for my musical theater-loving family.” ~Wendy K.


  •  “I love how easy and fun Gena makes it to incorporate learning about Christmas musicals during the holiday season!” ~Dana @ The Art Kit


  • “This looks so fun, Gena! I just looked through it with the girls and they’re so excited to go through the lessons and watch the musicals!” ~Ana Willis of They Call Me Blessed and The Homeschool Sisterhood

Spice Up Your Christmas School with the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

Free Preview Lesson

Try a lesson for free here!

Introduction to White Christmas by Irving Berlin

This free preview lesson includes information about Irving Berlin, the movie musical, the stage musical, synopsis of the story, list of the songs included in the musical, three video performances of songs to watch, and an online quiz.

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The Christmas Musicals Mini-Course is available at a special launch price of only $11.90 with the code “CHRISTMASSCHOOL.” With 30% off, there’s no better time to infuse your holiday season with the enchanting world of Christmas musicals.

So why not make this December a time to remember? Step out of your homeschooling comfort zone and let the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course bring a touch of magic and music to your Christmas School. Enroll today, and make this holiday season one to cherish forever!

Spice Up Your Christmas School with the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

Complementary Resources

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LiterARTure A Christmas Carol mixed media art project

Spice Up Your Christmas School with the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

Literary Adventures for Kids “A Christmas Carol” book clubs:

Spice Up Your Christmas School with the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

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Spice Up Your Christmas School with the Christmas Musicals Mini-Course

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