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Free Apps to Play Christmas Carols and Hymns

Today we have a freebie that is especially useful in December — in the days leading up to Christmas! Check out the two free apps to play Christmas carols and hymns.

Free Apps to Play Christmas Carols and Hymns

This freebie was submitted by Stephan, using the “Freebie Submission Form” and is not a sponsored post.

For homeschool families with an iPhone or iPad, check out these two free apps to play Christmas Carols and Hymns called CarolPlayMidi and JeuxdorgMini. They enable you and your children to perform favorite Christmas carols in full four-part harmony.

But even more amazing — you can play the carols with just two fingers!

Here’s a video example demonstrating the playing of “Joy to the World.”

Imagine playing favorite carols as part of a December music project, or singing with friends during this wonderful season, or performing at a Christmas event.


The first app, the one visible on the screen, is called CarolPlayMidi. It works like this.

The words are displayed on buttons. When you touch a word, the chord associated with that word plays.


The second app, called JeuxdorgMini, runs in the background and creates the pipe organ sound you heard in the demonstration video.

Here’s another example… “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

It all happens “live.”

You control the tempo, the volume, and the articulation. One finger on your left hand controls the volume and sustain. One finger on your right hand plays the words, one at a time.

Here’s one more example… “The First Noel.”

Classical Pieces

For students who would like an extra challenge, a couple of classical pieces are included.

Here is a demonstration of “Prelude in C Major BWV553.”

Interactive Music Project

Homeschool families (with an iPhone or iPad) looking to bring an interactive music project into your home this December may find this is an interesting avenue to explore!

Further setup information, and a list of the thirty-five carols included, see the CarolPlayMidi website here.

Free Apps to Play Christmas Carols

Do you know of any other free apps to play Christmas carols and hymns? Please share in the comments below!

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