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Free 15-Minute Music Lesson for President’s Day

President’s Day is a day we remember two great American Presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Washington was born on February 22, 1731, and Lincoln was born February 12, 1809. But, it’s also a day to honor all Presidents of the United States. Today I have a Music Lesson for President’s Day that you can do at home with your homeschool or in a class at school.

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President’s Day

President’s Day was originally established as a holiday in 1885. It’s always celebrated on the third Monday of February to provide a 3-day holiday weekend for Americans.

“Hail to the Chief”

“Hail to the Chief” is the Presidential anthem, which is played when he enters an official ceremony or gathering. It was first used associated with a living President in 1829 with President Andrew Jackson. It was also played at Martin Van Buren’s inauguration in 1837.

This first version to listen to includes a choir singing and photos/videos of many of the Presidents.

See below for a couple of times when it was played for President Biden and President Trump (just the first minute).

“Presidential Polonaise”

President Chester A. Arthur didn’t like the song “Hail to the Chief.” He asked American composer John Philip Sousa to compose a new song, which was entitled “Presidential Polonaise.” After Arthur left office, the Marine Band resumed playing “Hail to the Chief” for public appearances by the President.

Memorize the Presidents:

Here is a song to learn the Presidents in order, along with a neat fact about each!

Download a Free Printable Pack to go with this 15-Minute Music Lesson for President’s Day:

You’ll receive 3 pages:

Fill-in-the-Blank Worksheet about this Presidents Day music lesson

Worksheet to put 7 Presidents in order

Listen and Draw page (listen to the music above and draw what inspires you).

Music Lessons for Holidays & Special Days:

If you like this holiday music lesson, you’ll love the Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days online course! The President’s Day lesson is just one of 36 lessons.

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U.S. Presidents Project-Pak

Homeschool in the Woods has a great U.S. Presidents Project-Pak.

U.S. Presidents Project-Pak from Homeschool in the Woods

This Project-Pak for grades 3rd-8th provides you with ten hands-on resources (179 pages!)to help you in your studies:

• Wall-Size Timeline Figures
• Notebook Timeline: “U.S. Presidents Portrait Gallery Timeline”
• Coloring Pages
• Report Pages
• Copywork: “Famous Quotes from U.S. Presidents”
• Profiles of Presidents of the United States
• Fun Facts about the Presidents
• Newspaper: “The Presidential Post”
• “Political Slogans” Campaign Buttons & Posters
• File Folder Game: ”Presidential Pursuit”

We love the Presidential Pursuit file folder game the best! Here is the version my kids colored:


FREE President’s Day Notebooking Pages

Get Free President’s Day Notebooking Pages here:

Free President's Day Notebooking Pages

Here’s a great President’s Day art lesson

You Are An Artist

You Need an Artist Presidents art lesson

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