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Giveaway Composers 2.0 Download N Go Unit Study By Amanda Bennett

Composers 2.0 Download N Go Unit Study

Today is the first day of November and I’m excited to announce a new partnership with Music in Our Homeschool: Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go Composers 2.0 Unit Study. See it (and more) at

Let me tell you about the Composers 2.0 Unit Study

  • Digital product
  • 121 pages long
  • Learn about 5 composers (Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin)
  • Relate the music learning to other disciplines such as science (how we hear music), composition (write your own music), character lessons (learning about the composers), art (make your own instruments), geography (maps and flags), history (instruments of the Bible), and more
  • For elementary students, grades K-4
  • Takes 2-4 weeks to complete


What does Download N Go mean?

You are ready to get started as soon as you download—no need to prepare anything or wait for something to arrive.

What is needed to do the Unit Study?

All you need are some simple school supplies, plus a few brads and a file folder to make the lapbook.

The Table of Contents:

Quest 1: Johann Sebastian Bach

  1. What is music?
  2. Investigate the concept of creativity.
  3. What is a composer?
  4. Check out the childhood of Bach.

Quest 2: George Frideric Handel

  1. What is an orchestra?
  2. Learn about the stringed instruments.
  3. Explore the childhood of Handel.
  4. Become familiar with his faith and family.

Quest 3: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  1. Check out the childhood of Mozart.
  2. Why is Mozart a famous composer?
  3. Learn about percussion instruments.
  4. What is rhythm?

Quest 4: Ludwig van Beethoven

  1. What do we know about Beethoven’s childhood?
  2. Which of his compositions do you recognize?
  3. Investigate the music sheet.
  4. Learn about the woodwind instruments.

Quest 5: Frederic Chopin

  1. Investigate the childhood of Chopin.
  2. Compare the five composers you learned about this week.
  3. What is your favorite music?
  4. Learn about brass instruments.

What I Loved:

There are beautiful photos and graphics throughout the unit study; it’s very high quality. There is also a comprehensive resource list of books, instruments, games, and other fun things to get (optional) to go along with the study. If you have never done a lapbook before, there are detailed instructions (including videos) to help you with it. Each lesson, or “quest,” has videos, activity pages, and fun ideas to explore that relate to each of the five composers and his music.

My Take-Away:

Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go Unit Studies are every bit as good as I’ve always heard they were. I’m excited to continue using this one, and to get more to use with my kids in the future!

See a Sample of Composers Download N Go 2.0 here.

And, see pictures of the lapbook and activity pages my daughter did here. We are going to love this new Composers Unit Study!


(Disclosure: I received a copy of the Composers 2.0 Download N Go in order to honestly review it.)

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  1. My two young ones would love this composer study in our homeschool, and since we live overseas (though at the moment we are in U.S. for medical treatment) the downloadable part is great – hard for us to get books shipped over to us. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  2. I love the idea of unit study and using it to look into music is really intriguing. I’d love to use them when mine are big enough (just a few more months)!

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