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How to Provide Guitar Lessons at Home with Gentle Guitar

I know you. You are a mom who wants to provide opportunities for you child. You see a pattern developing, a desire, maybe even an obsession. . . for music! But, how can you do it all? Maybe providing music lessons in your own home to make it a little easier for the already crazy busy schedule? But, how can you provide quality guitar lessons at home that are affordable? Where will you find a good teacher who is willing to travel there? I’m happy to share with you about Gentle Guitar today which will solve all these problems.

Take lessons in the comfort of your own home with Gentle Guitar (from Music in Our Homeschool)

How does Gentle Guitar Work to Provide Guitar Lessons at Home?

Gentle Guitar is one of the most effective types of music lessons I’ve ever reviewed. The lessons are live with a trained teacher over Skype. So, you can live ANYWHERE and have quality instruction for your kids, ages 6-12.

With younger students, an adult needs to be with the child throughout the 30-minute lesson, so he or she can help the student with their 15 minutes of daily practice until the next lesson.

What an awesome way to share music bonding with your kids and even learn to play the guitar yourself!

What Makes Gentle Guitar Unique?

The teachers are trained in a very specific type of music education methodology–one that I (as a music teacher of over 20 years) agree with!

Music theory is taught from the very beginning. Young kids are taught musical notes and rhythms and even have workbook pages to do. They are not taught to read guitar tablature, but actual music notation. See how fun this looks!

Gentle Guitar Music Theory. Kids ages 5-12 get live guitar lessons at home over Skype, but also learn music theory. (From Music in Our Homeschool)

Why Music Lessons for Young Kids?

Many parents delay introducing formal music instruction until the kids are teens. Not everyone knows that kids get the MOST benefits from learning music during their crucial years of development. That is between birth and age 10, while the brain is highly plastic. Take this opportunity (the free Gentle Guitar trial lesson or enter the giveaway) to find out what it’s like to learn a musical instrument with a professionally trained and specialized teacher.

Try a Free Lesson

Gentle Guitar provides a free lesson if you’d like to try it out to see if it will work for you and your child.

Gentle Guitar lessons in your home, Music in Our Homeschool

Testimonial about Gentle Guitar Lessons at Home

Here’s what one Denver homeschool mom had to say about the lessons for her 9-year-old son:
“We heard about Gentle Guitar from a homeschool blogger and have been taking lessons for about two months. It’s super convenient to take lessons at home since we are a homeschool family. The first lesson was free so there wasn’t any risk and now it adds a music curriculum into our homeschool day. Plus, it has really enhanced my own desire to play guitar since I’m sitting right next to my son during his lessons. Sometimes, I think I enjoy the lessons just as much as he does!
Our teacher is very good with my son and we learn so much in a 1/2 hour lesson. She makes the lesson easy to understand. She is very thorough and explains herself so we are on the same page. But honestly, the convenience of doing the lesson in our own home – rain or shine – is awesome. Guitar lessons via Skype are amazingly well done with this program. Our teacher is GREAT at seeing and making sure Josh has his fingers on the right strings, is sitting in the correct position to play, is paying attention, etc. Things don’t get “lost in translation” as you fear while doing a lesson via Skype. If you’re not sure, just try the free lesson.
I didn’t commit to anything until AFTER the first trial lesson was completed and I’d had time to talk with my husband about it. There is zero pressure and I loved that.” – Evita K.

Music Ed Magazine

Music Ed Magazine is perfect for music teachers and parents of musically active kids! #musiced #musicteacher #musicinourhomeschool #gentleguitar

Music Ed Magazine is packed with free printable resources and fun written activities for kids. It’s a tool for music teachers and for parents of musically active kids. Whether your child is taking music lessons with a private teacher or you are teaching your child yourself, you’ll find inspiration, practical guidance, and free music teaching resources and activities.


Gentle Guitar Lessons at Home Giveaway

(This giveaway is now over. Be sure to subscribe to find out about future giveaways!)

I’m so excited that Inga, the founder of Gentle Guitar, has offered such a wonderful giveaway for readers of Music in Our Homeschool.

There will be 10 WINNERS! Each will get 3 30-minute private lessons. This is a value of $75 -$90!

Enter on the Rafflecopter app below. The winners will be chosen on Sunday, April 8, 2018 and will have 24 hours to respond to my email.

Winner’s Requirements:

  • Kids must be accompanied by a parent or adult during the 3 music lessons and should be ages 6-12.
  • The participant should have access to Skype, including a mic & camera. Any device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone meets these requirements. 
  • The winner will have 5 weeks to book and complete the lessons.

Families with kids ages 6 – 8:

 Families with kids ages 6 – 8 do not need a guitar or a musical instrument to enter the giveaway and try the lessons. The 3 lessons are designed as an introduction to music. You’ll get a fun music theory activity booklet that you’ll have to print out and have handy during the lesson. You and your child will clap rhythms and learn to read, trace, color and write music notes.

Families with kids ages 9 – 12:

 Families with kids ages 9 – 12 do need access to a tuned guitar to enter the giveaway. Your child will learn how to read and write music, as well as get an introduction to playing the guitar.

Where the Gentle Guitar lessons will take place:

The lessons will take place in your home via Skype. The lessons are designed to be taught to young kids ages 6-12; however, an adult must accompany the child during the Skype instruction. These are live face-to-face lessons with an experienced music teacher who is trained to work with kids.


Head over to learn more about guitar lessons at home here!

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)

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  1. This is a great opportunity for us as we live overseas in a remote African village. I studied music for many years and am not sure how I’m going to be able to introduce it to our kids since we don’t have the kind of access we’d have in the States. Great to see programs that will work for us too!

  2. I have been looking for curriculum for my daughter and agonizing over what instrument she should play ( I was leaning towards piano, but that’s definitely big bucks). I guess I should check to see if the guitar in our basement is tuned (or able to be tuned).

  3. Private lessons are so expensive and traveling to them is difficult with a large family. So, in home lessons sound so appealing!

  4. This sounds like an amazing idea. My son was just gifted a guitar & would love to learn, but I have not found a teacher, good time or the desire to leave my house on another day. So, this would definitely fit the bill….easy, convient, great deal.

  5. My two sons ages 6 & 8 are both interested in learning the guitar and haven’t shown interest in any other music/instruments so I am thrilled there is something we can do from home and save money on private lessons. Hoping to try it soon.

  6. My son has been wishing to learn guitar for awhile now. We already pay for private piano lessons, so there isn’t enough money left to try guitar. This would be fabulous!

  7. My dad has started informally introducing my daughter to guitar, and she is very excited to learn. We are getting her a guitar for her birthday.

  8. I like trying things that will possibly open a new interest or passion in my children during our “schooling” years. We don’t have experience with guitar, but we have some pretty awesome ukeleles.

  9. its interesting – sounds like something different – and definitely more convenient than driving an hour to lessons.

  10. I love your resources, Gena. This opportunity would be great for my oldest son who would like to try guitar. The program sounds interesting.

  11. What intrigued me… was my @ year old has a brand new guitar sitting in the closet that she wants badly to learn to play. We tried lessons before however the students were grouped all together at all different levels and ages. Also the lessons moved to fast for our kiddo so we withdrew her from the class. Thank you for this opportunity

  12. Hi
    I actually won the 3 free lesson giveaway. My daughter had her first lesson this morning an enjoyed it!
    I went to the website but cannot find any pricing information. Can you please give me an idea about that before we get to the last lesson so I can begin thinking about it.
    Thanks for the chance to win these great lessons. I have never won a giveaway!

  13. Guitar lessons can make people great players and even better people. Learning guitar in groups might be a brilliant and proven method that has been in use and has been successful down thousands of years. Guitar lessons can be done in academies, schools, colleges and universities as in the form of music classes as well as individual music schools. Learning in groups can provide the students the ability to the students to coordinate with other people as well as feel encouraged in the musical journey. This can be a great way to make newer friends as well as create future band mates.

  14. For all the kids, guitar lessons can keep them motivated at certain times in comparison to others when it comes to practice of the guitar. There might be challenges as well as difficulties while learning the new things on any kind of instrument. The primary key to this is by overcoming the challenges through sheer determination and practicing, which thereby helps to build the confidence of the child.

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