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Piano Wizard Giveaway and Summer Challenge


Piano Wizard Academy Giveaway & Summer Challenge (ends June 27)

Today, I’m excited to have this amazing giveaway for you. Piano Wizard Academy is offering 3 winners its Video Game for learning to play the piano. To learn more, read my Piano Wizard review here.

What is this version of Piano Wizard all about?

It’s a

  • $100 value!
  • Patented 4-step method has anyone from age 3 to 103 playing music instantly.
  • Comes with color-coded washable and removable stickers to place on virtually any MIDI-compatible keyboard. (The stickers will be mailed to the winners.)
  • You will need to use your own digital keyboard.
  • Select from 200 great songs, including some rock and pop classics. Piano Wizard PREMIER includes a 100-song EASY MODE step by step curriculum, plus 100 more timeless selections.
  • Play virtually any piece of music you like! Add in any of the thousands of MIDI songs available on the web or in music stores, extending the game’s playability for years to come.
  • Display note names or fingerings to broaden your learning experience.
  • For Mac or Windows
  • This version is not available for sale (not sold separately).
  • An upgrade to a newer version of Piano Wizard Academy (with dvds, songbooks, etc.) is available.
  • It’s award-winning!

**Try out some free piano lessons from Hoffman Academy here.

 Join the Piano Wizard Summer Challenge and Win Prizes!

Looking for something to keep your kids productive this summer? Join the Piano Wizard Summer Challenge! You win by (at a minimum) completing 20 lessons.  To earn top-tier prizes, you will need to be active on the Facebook Challenge Group.  Being active means commenting, sharing, posting videos and photos (if at all possible). They want to hear how you or your child are doing, ask questions, submit feedback, and offer testimonials!

The Piano Wizard Summer Challenge runs from July 1st and September 15th.

Piano Wizard Premier Video Game

Piano Wizard Giveaway

Enter to be one of three winners of Piano Academy Premier on the Rafflecopter app below. The contest ends Tuesday, June 27, and the winner will have 24 hours to respond to my email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)

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  1. What a fantastic way to introduce the JOY and build confidence quickly in music! Thank you for sharing this resource.

  2. I didn’t realize that the attrition percentage was so high! It’s not healthy. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. What a great program!!! Not like the traditional boring piano that I remember having to use as a child!

  4. I learned that Piano Wizard would be so much more affordable than traditional, private lessons! With 4 kids to go, that is so helpful!

  5. I think turning music learning into a game will relieve the pressure to get it right, and will just encourage kids to go for it! This sounds like a really fun way to learn.

  6. What a fun way to learn piano by playing games! This would help my kids enjoy practicing instead of dreading it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. This looks like such a great program. I visited their website and was especially excited to learn about the reinforcements built into the program.

  8. We love music in our family and learning! It gets this mom excited to see past traditional piano lessons. Thanks for offering this, otherwise I would not have known about it!

  9. Oh wow! This looks like a great way to teach piano! I love that colors are used and that the piano image is shifted sideways to show how it is represented on staff! So clever! I have one who struggles with wanting to get things right the first time, so this might help alleviate the frustration of learning piano.

  10. Wow, 80% attrition rate! I never would have guessed it was so high. I have always wanted to learn piano, and I have two daughters who have been begging to learn also. This program sounds great!

  11. We desperately need to incorporate music into our schooling but I’m so unsure of where to start. We have older kids and younger kids and two of them are on the spectrum. They love music and I know it would help them immensely!

  12. I never thought about traditional lessons starting with theory. It is an interesting approach making learning a game.

  13. Music is a great resource for keeping kids entertained and learning during the summer – Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. My son told me today that he wants to learn to play the piano. He just started the cello last fall (he’s 14) and now is loving all kinds of musical instruments. His brother plays piano very well and now son #2 wants to learn. This would really help my homeschool as I am not just a SAHM homeschooler, I also work full-time from home so it can be really hard to fit in the extras. Cello is a strings class right before our homeschool co-op meets and I work on my laptop while he is in class. I would love an equally-good solution like Piano Wizard for him for piano.

  15. I didn’t know I could connect our keyboard to the computer in order to use the software. This looks like a great program.

  16. I love that it turns lessons into video games to keep the kids interest. Maybe this would help my daughter deal with her frustration when we start lessons. She quits too easily.

  17. Looks like an interesting program! I see that my piano could not be used, but my Korg would have to be used instead! Good to know, as I normally keep it at church!

  18. I learned that Piano Wizard is the only music learning system that teaches music by emulating the way we learn our native language. Making it easier for everyone to learn how to play music.

  19. I have to say that I would never have imagined learning piano by a video game, but I can truly see my son loving this! I love that it teaches music before theory. Very interesting!

  20. This looks like a fun way to learn to read music, even for adults! I have family members who play by ear well, but also have the desire to read music. This looks like a great approach.

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