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Learn.MusicinOurHomeschool Bundle of 7 Courses Sale!

I have never had such an awesome sale on the courses at!
You can get every course currently there for only $75.
But, hurry, this is only available for the first 50 purchasers.
7-Course Bundle Sale from
With the purchase of the 7-Course Bundle for $75 ($247 value), you’ll receive:
  • 15-Minute Music Lessons for Elementary ($20)
  • Intro to Musicals for Elementary ($20)
  • 20th Century Music Appreciation for High School ($99)
  • Music Appreciation: Middle Ages Thru Classical Era for High School ($59)
  • 10 Weeks of Shakespeare: An Introductory Course for 7th-12th Grades ($29)
  • Music for Homemaking ($10)
  • Sampler Music Appreciation ($10, includes 2 lessons not found in any other course)

Remember: Only available for the first 50 purchasers!

All the courses are self-paced and lifetime access. You can purchase now and use later for any student in your family.

These courses are great, also, for teaching at homeschool co-ops. There are free previews of each course. And, three of the courses are appropriate for high school credit.

7-Course Sale from
Head over to see the 7-Course Bundle now!

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