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Review : Music Appreciation Project Pack from Hands of a Child

Music Appreciation Project Pack giveaway

After posting every day in January, I’ve taken it easier in February! But I’m back today with an awesome review and giveaway of the Music Appreciation Project Pack from Hands of a Child.

I’ve been homeschooling for 10 years and have used many Hands of a Child lapbook materials. The Music Appreciation Project Pack is a perfect addition to your homeschool family.

The Project Pack:

Now, let me tell you about the Project Pack. There are 50 pages in the download.  You simply print out what you need to teach the lesson and the cut-out pages. It’s nice to print the cut-out pages on card-stock, but totally optional. I usually don’t for my lapbooks. You can also print them on colored paper if you wish, but I usually just use file folders in assorted colors. You’ll need scissors, glue, tape, and brads, as well as writing utensils of your choice (pencils, markers, pens, etc.)

Music Appreciation

One included page is called “Adapting a Project Pack to Fit the Needs of Your Student” which gives lots of tips on how to do the project.

One of the best parts of the project page is the lesson plan. The Music Appreciation Project Pack has a suggested lesson plan duration of 6 days. It tells you what vocabulary words to learn, what to read (all included in the pack), and what activities to complete or continue working on each day. Answers are also included!

Here is what you’ll be studying in the Hands of a Child Music Appreciation Project Pack:

  • Musical Terms (such as tune, chord, dynamic, harmony)
  • Instrument families
  • The Voice as an instrument
  • Kitchen band and human body instrument
  • Dancing
  • Famous Composers
  • Music Therapy
  • Types of Music

Music Appreciation

The Music Appreciation Project Pack is a great beginning or quick intro to music appreciation. I love that the reading and activities are all included so that even though other resources are listed that you can obtain to read, watch, or listen to, it’s not necessary to complete the project. The mini booklets are varied and have some original shapes, like castanets and hands. Instructions on how to put the booklets and the entire lapbook together are included. Photos of a completed lapbook are also included.

If you are a mom who doesn’t know how to teach music appreciation or just wants a quick lesson on it for your elementary kids, pick up the Music Appreciation Project Pack.

Music Appreciation

The Giveaway:

(Update: The giveaway has ended.)

(Thank you to Hands of a Child for providing the Music Appreciation Project Pack as a giveaway for February. Affiliate links are included in this post.)


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  1. I’ve never done a project pack. I would love to use this as I’ve never successfully taught music appreciation in my homeschool.

  2. Thank you for offering this as a giveaway!!! We love listening to classical music while we work, but we haven’t studied music appreciation yet so I would lover to win this. We have done lap books but not a project pack from Hands of a Child. Thanks for the introduction! 🙂

  3. We have not done a project pack yet. I like to incorporate as many senses/learning styles as possible, and this would be a great and fun way to accomplish that.

  4. We have not done a project pack. I would like to try one and see how it works for us. It’s is our first year home schooling and we are still finding out what works.

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