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The 8 Elements of the Best Hymn Study Course Ever

My goal here at Music in Our Homeschool is to serve my readers in anyway to help them include more music in their homeschools (or other classrooms). Last year I took a survey and found out that an overwhelming need was in the area of Hymn Study. So, I set out to write the best hymn study course ever: “Great Hymns of the Faith”!

Great Hymns of the Faith online course for all ages. Best hymn study course ever!

Here are the 8 elements included in “Great Hymns of the Faith,” and why I think you’ll agree with me that you have never seen another hymn study course like it.

Get “Great Hymns of the Faith” here. See a free preview of the “Amazing Grace” module before you buy!

It’s for All Ages

I wanted to make “Great Hymns of the Faith” as versatile as possible. Therefore, I included activities for all ages. If you are doing the online course with your family, the little ones will enjoy the copywork (2 styles including a dotted letter tracing style) and the original coloring pages designed by my oldest daughter. Moms and older kids will really enjoy the devotionals and stories behind the hymns, some of which include videos. And, all ages will enjoy the videos of the hymns being performed.

Great Hymns of the Faith Music, Copywork, and Coloring Pages for the online course at Best hymn study course ever!

It Teaches You to Sing in 4-Part Harmony

This was one of my favorite parts about creating “Great Hymns of the Faith.” I recorded all 10 hymns singing the soprano and alto parts. My oldest son recorded the tenor and bass parts. So, you can use the videos, along with the music which includes all verses in 4 parts and in separate parts to learn to sing in harmony with your family or group!

Great Hymns of the Faith online course Instructional Singing Videos by Gena Mayo and Ben Mayo. Best hymn study course ever!

It Includes Devotionals Written by Some of the Best Encouraging Homeschool Mom Bloggers Out There

How blessed I am that these ladies were willing to write devotionals for “Great Hymns of the Faith!” They blew me away with their insight and encouragement! Several even teared me up. Hymns are so personal, and the words so beautiful. I know you’ll love reading their devotionals, just like I did and will agree that they had truly added to make this the best hymn study out there!

Here are the devotional writers:


Great Hymns of the Faith online course for all ages from Best hymn study course ever!

It Includes Info about the Composers

I thoroughly enjoyed learning how these hymns came to be written. The composers and writers have some amazing stories of tragedy, wretchedness, and trials. I love to see how they overcame with God’s help, and I’ll never fail to think of those stories every time I sing those hymns in the future.

Charlotte Mason online conference 25 Workshops

It Includes Stories Behind the Hymns

Not only did I write out the stories, but I also found some great videos where you can “see” the story come to life.

Great Hymns of the Faith online course for all ages from

It Includes 10 Different Types of Hymns

I chose only hymns in the public domain so that I’d have more freedom to create videos, my own versions in 4-part harmony, and copywork, but I think you’ll agree that these are still varied in style and they certainly come from different eras. There are high church hymns like “Holy Holy Holy,” very old hymns like “A Mighty Fortress is Our God,” and gospel type hymns such as “The Old Rugged Cross.”

Here is the list of the 10 hymns:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Fairest Lord Jesus
  • It is Well With My Soul
  • A Mighty Fortress is our God
  • Blessed Assurance
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • The Old Rugged Cross
  • Holy Holy Holy
  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Great Hymns of the Faith online course for all ages from Best hymn study course ever!

It Includes Videos of the Hymns in Various Styles

Hymns have been popular for 500 years, and I hope they don’t ever lose their popularity! I’m grateful for Youtube which provides us with versions of the hymns being sung in various styles throughout the last 100 years. Each hymn has at least 4 different videos for you to listen to and watch. You’ll see solos, choirs, solo guitars, rock bands, pop groups, harps, organs, and more playing and singing these great hymns!

Great Hymns of the Faith online course for all ages from Best hymn study course ever!

It Includes a Music Lesson to Make to Add Even More Learning

Now, here is the element of “Great Hymns of the Faith” that will make this course the most unique and best hymn study course ever! I have included a music lesson for each of the 10 hymns!

  • The Pentatonic Scale: You’ll learn about how “Amazing Grace” was written in the pentatonic scale and how to write a song with it yourself!
  • Hymn Tunes: Every hymn has a particular hymn tune. What is it used for? Learn about the hymn tunes from this course, and make up your own.
  • Hymn Meters: Every hymn also has a hymn meter. Why? Learn about them and figure out the meters of each hymn in the course.
  • Congregational Singing with a “first voice lesson” video: I couldn’t find one on Youtube that I liked, so I recorded my own first voice lesson video to get you started with correct posture and breathing techniques as you begin to sing.
  • Notation Software: There is a free version of notation software that I started learning to use to write the hymn music out for you. Now, you can learn to use it, too!
  • Celtic Harp: What a beautiful instrument. Learn about it while studying the hymn “Be Thou My Vision.”
  • Time Signatures: Do you know what a time signature is? It’s basic to all music. You’ll learn about it and identify the time signatures of all the hymns in this course.
  • The Organ: Hymns and pipe organs go hand-in-hand in some churches. But, maybe you have never had the opportunity to see one up close or behind the scenes. You will here!
  • Musical Quotations by Charles Ives: Ives is one of my favorite 20th Century American composers. He loved hymns and included quotations of them in his compositions. Listen to them here.
  • Shape Notes: So fun! Find out what shape notes are, why they were made, and where you can attend a shape note camp to practice this fun hymn-singing style with others!

Great Hymns of the Faith online course for all ages from Best hymn study course ever!

Bonus: It Includes a Bible Study!

I have now added another feature to the hymn study course, a Bible study to do for each hymn.

Looking for other Christian resources? See some of the best Christian homeschool curriculum here.

Other Hymn Study Resources/Bibliography for the course:

Hymns for a Kid’s Heart, volume 1 by Bobbie Wolgemuth and Joni Eareckson Tada

That Old-Time Religion: One Hundred Hymns, Songs, and Stories by Barbara Benziger and Eleanor Dickinson

The Complete Book of Hymns: Inspiring Stories About 600 Hymns and Praise Songs by William J. Petersen and Ardythe Petersen

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The 8 Elements of the Best Hymn Study Course Ever: "Great Hymns of the Faith" from #hymnstudy #homeschoolmusic #musicinourhomeschool #charlottemason

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