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What are SQUILT Music Lessons?- Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time

What are SQUILT Music Lessons 1

What are SQUILT Music Lessons?

[Today’s article was written by Gena Mayo and is part of the 31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool Series.]

Today I’d like to answer the question “What are SQUILT Music Lessons?” My friend Mary Prather is the author of SQUILT, which has been a very popular music appreciation resource for several years now. SQUILT stands for Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time. She even has a new version of SQUILT called SQUILT Live that brings you live lessons taught by Mary herself.

It’s so simple to use–just open and go! Here are the great features:


  • Each volume has 10 lessons.
  • There are volumes for Baroque Era, Classical Era, Romantic Era, and Modern Era, as well as 2 volumes of Christmas Carols
  • There are note booking pages included.
  • All links to the music are included (not need to buy anything else)
  • Great for ages K-8



Head over to the SQUILT Music Appreciation website to find out more and download or view samples.

Romantic Era Music Appreciation

I’d like to give you some more information by telling you about Volume 3: Romantic Era.

SQUILT+Volume+3 +Romantic+Era

Romantic Era

The Romantic Era volume has 61 pages. First, Mary gives you ideas of how to use the curriculum. She says, “SQUILT can be as little or as much as you make it!” There are 10 lessons. You can spend on day on a lesson, a whole week on a lesson, or even a whole month on a lesson! Each lesson consists of learning about a composer and one of his works.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Impromptu in G flat – Schubert
Lesson 2: Dies Irae – Berlioz
Lesson 3: Minute Waltz – Chopin
Lesson 4: Libestraum No. 3 – Liszt
Lesson 5: Ride of the Valkyries – Wagner
Lesson 6: “La donna e mobile” from Rigoletto–Verdi
Lesson 7: Symphony no, 4, Third Movement–Brahms
Lesson 8: “November”, from Seasons–Tchaikovsky
Lesson 9: “Love Theme” from Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture– Tchaikovsky
Lesson 10: Also Sprach Zarathustra – Strauss

For each lesson, you listen quietly, fill out a SQUILT notebooking page (included), and read the lesson which gives information about rhythm/tempo, instrumentation, dynamics, and mood.

I’m quite pleased with the simplicity of SQUILT. It is such an easy way to add some music appreciation to your homeschool or classroom!



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