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15 Ways to Use Amazon Prime Music in Your Homeschool

15 Ways to Use Amazon Prime Music in Your Homeschool

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

Amazon Prime

Do you have Amazon Prime? If you’re like me, you resisted for a couple of years but finally caved in and are so glad you did! Now, I don’t have to wait until I put $35 worth of qualifying products in my Amazon cart in order to get free shipping. 🙂 And I’ve totally been enjoying watching movies and Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime Video. But I didn’t realize I’d be getting a bonus: Amazon Prime Music! I’ve discovered that it’s a very useful service for homeschools. Today I’ll share with you 15 Ways to Use Amazon Prime Music in Your Homeschool.

Amazon Music Unlimited special deal. I just signed up to get 3 Months for free! Unlimited access to any song, on-demand, always ad-free, hands-free with Alexa, cancel anytime. I really like their ready-made playlist categories like “Family & Fun,” “Work, Study, & Reading,” “Workout,” and “Classical.” (Limited offer. For Prime members who are new Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers only. Just $7.99/month after. If this deal is no longer available, see what other deals they have.)



There are 3 things I love about Amazon Prime Music. They have ready-made playlists, they have tons of choices, and it’s all included in the Amazon Prime annual fee. If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member yet, you can try it for free for 30 days. 🙂

15 Ways to Use Amazon Prime Music in Your Homeschool

  1. Choose a composer to study and listen to a playlist of his works. (Search “Johann Sebastian Bach, George Gershwin, Richard Wagner, or any other composer.)
  2. Choose an instrument to study and listen to a playlist. (Search Relaxing Classical Piano, Relaxing Classical Cello, or any other instrument.)
  3. Choose a workout playlist for P.E. time. (Search 90s Pop Workout or Christian Workout Hits.)
  4. Pick a decade that you are studying in history and listen to music of that time. (Search 50 Great ’80s Songs, ’50’s Country Classics, ’40s Jazz and Swing Time, or 50 Great ’60s Rock Songs.)
  5. Play relaxation music when your child (or you) is having a stressful school day. (Search Relaxing Classical Music or Stress-free Life.)
  6. Play lullabies or quiet classical music to relax baby or toddler when working with older kids. (Search Classical Dreamtime, Putting the Baby to Bed, or Nature Sounds for Sleep.)
  7. Have a preschool music and movement time. (Search Preschool Music and Movement or Playdate with Toddlers.)
  8. Use a Worship music playlist to sing along with or listen to during Bible Time. (Search Worship Music.)
  9. Use music for your preschool lesson time. (Search Lessons for the Kids or 123, ABC for Kids)
  10. Choose a genre to study like Jazz or Opera. (Search Kid-friendly Jazz, 50 Great Classic Jazz Songs, Great Opera Arias, or Great Operas 1607-1935.)
  11. Use music to help you focus better on your schoolwork. (Search Classical for Studying or Classical for Focus.)
  12. Have a fun music lesson time with “The Piano Guys and More.” or “An Intro to Classical Music.”
  13. Study Musical Theater. (Search 50 Great Musical Numbers or Classic Showtunes.)
  14. Find a playlist for the holiday you’re celebrating. (Search Celtic Music for St. Patrick’s Day, Cozy Country Christmas, or Christian Christmas Music.)
  15. For a higher level music class, compare the Requiems of Mozart, Verdi, Berlioz, Brahms, and more with the playlist called “Requiems.”

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Do you have any other suggestions for using Amazon Prime Music in your homeschool? Please share in the comments!

Great Speakers to listen to Amazon Prime Music in Your Homeschool

Here is my all-time favorite Bluetooth speaker that will make using Amazon Prime Music in your homeschool a breeze: UE Megaboom

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(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)

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  1. This was an interesting, read. Never would have thought to use Amazon prime music. We are super happy with using Spotify given that it is free (with commercial – we actually pay so we don’t have to have the commercials), has a massive selection of music, and makes creating and sharing playlists easy and seamless. We love making all kinds of playlists for organizing music in different ways such as genre, tempo, feel etc. and it is great for having many different versions of the same song that are interesting to compare and contrast. Do you have any perspective on the pros and cons of Amazon prime music vs Spotify?

  2. I’m feeling kind of silly that I did not know that my prime membership came with music! These are such great suggestions for using this feature. I’m definitely pinning this to remember!

  3. These are all great ideas! I’ve used Prime Music when teaching about different countries (India: sitar, Greece: Bouzouki, etc) and also different genres in different time periods (sea chanteys when studying the Golden Age of Exploration), as well as music that accompanies different styles of dance. I try to incorporate all 5 senses when we study a topic, so I turn to Prime frequently. Thanks for some fresh ideas!

  4. I’ve been using my Amazon Show to play praise and worship music while I doing housework to help me have a good attitude.
    Thank you for the other great suggestions. I added a reminder to my homeschool planner to play Celtic music on Friday for St. Patrick’s Day.

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