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3 Helpful Tips for Parents of New Piano Students

[Today’s article “3 Helpful Tips for Parents of New Piano Students” was written by Jessica Peresta of The Domestic Musician.]

3 Helpful Tips for Parents of New Piano Students #piano #pianolessons #musicinourhomeschool

How Parents Can Help New Piano Students

Parents, encourage your kids to practice at least 10 minutes every day, help them with theory homework, and make sure you know what is being taught in the lessons so you can help them practice. Stay involved and have your kids know that you are a part of their learning the piano and are an encouragement to them really helps so much.

What Kind of Piano to Get

I would recommend a Yamaha DGX230 keyboard, which is great for beginners. Any Yamaha brand of piano is great!

How to Take Lessons Without Leaving Home

I would love to be your child’s piano teacher. My Level 1 Piano Course is perfect for the beginning piano student.

Students will learn

  • the piano keys
  • note names
  • how to read notes on the staff
  • music theory
  • dynamics
  • tempo
  • how to count rhythms
  • correct hand positions and body posture
  • so much more!

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What you Need

For this course, students need a computer or electronic device to watch the lessons on and a keyboard or piano. There are times in each lesson where students are asked to pause the video to practice a certain part. A Parent Tips Paper is also included in each lesson.

Sale on Piano Course Level 1

Enter code “TDMPIANOSALE” at checkout to receive 25% off the course. (The first 30 people will receive this discount.)

Another option for music education:

Music Education Subscription~ Customers get 75% the first 3 months if they enter “TDM_DISCOUNT” at checkout.

3 Helpful Tips for Parents of New Piano Students #piano #pianolessons #musicinourhomeschool  Jessica Peresta has played piano since she was 6 and went on to receive her degree in Music Education with piano as the primary instrument. She taught elementary music in the public school setting and private piano lessons for many years. She wanted to create a beginning piano course that is easy to follow along, affordable for parents, and where students are learning piano no matter where they live.

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