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Five Simple Ways for Moms to Include Singing in Your Homeschool

Do you want to include singing in your home and in your homeschool, but you need some fresh ideas? Then, you’ll love today’s post Five Simple Ways for Moms to Include Singing in Your Homeschool!

Five Simple Ways for Moms to Include Singing in Your Homeschool


Sing with your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers

Children love hearing their mother’s voice, whether it’s speaking to them, singing, or even humming. It’s a beautiful way to connect with your child. So, even if you are nervous or self-conscious about singing, do it anyway! If needed, you can start out slowly with just humming until you feel more confident.

What to sing? You can get a picture book of a song or nursery rhyme and instead of reading it to your child, sing it!

Lullabies, of course, are a great way to help your child relax and (hopefully!) fall asleep.

And, I believe that there are some classic songs that all preschoolers should know!


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Learn Folk Songs with Your Kids

What is a folk song? Folk songs are easy to sing and learn because they are simple in rhythms and notes and typically have a small range that is good for children’s voices. They are also easier for a mom who isn’t an experienced singer to sing!

Folk songs are also a way to connect with your own culture (find folk songs from your own country or region where you live) and with other cultures around the world.


Learn Hymns with your Family

Learning hymns is a perfect activity for homeschool families to do during group Morning Basket Time or for Family Worship Time! There are many hymn studies available if you need some guidance, such as Great Hymns of the Faith.

Singing hymns are great both for learning about the Christian faith as well as learning appropriate singing technique.


Join a Local Singing Choir or Group

There is nothing like getting together with like-minded musicians to make beautiful music together! Do a search online for church, co-op, local children’s choirs, and musical theater opportunities in your area!

I learned to sing in my church growing up, and it absolutely changed my life. You might be able to find a fellow homeschool mom who can lead a singing group or choir at your homeschool co-op if you can’t find one already established.


Start Singing Lessons or an Online Singing Course

If you or your child desires to grow in singing technique, then I would encourage you to start voice lessons. If it’s difficult (or too expensive) to do in-person private voice lessons, then you can always do virtual voice lessons or even a singing course!


Do you have some other ideas for how to include singing in your homeschool? Please share in a comment below!


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  1. I’ve also learned how to sing through the church choir and by being a member of a singing group. In our daily family devotions, we sing one hymn a month. We are able to teach our kids that hymn as they sing it everyday. It is also an opportunity for us to teach them the history of the hymn. To teach singing techniques, we purchased MIOH’s Singing Made Easy courses.

  2. My daughter loves dancing and singing. I’ve been wracking my brain to find ways to incorporate more music into our day. Thanks for all you do to make that easier for us!

  3. I think putting on music for kids helps, too. They learn songs without trying and before you know it, they’re singing along.

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