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Hamilton the Musical Projects for Teens

With today’s music lesson, I’d like to encourage the teens to use one of the videos below to learn to apply something from Hamilton the Musical. Learn to sing, play, act, or dance one of the songs or scenes. Learn something about the music theory of the musical. Or, even learn to sign one of the songs with sign language! I think you’ll love the variety of the Hamilton the Musical projects for teens I curated here.

Hamilton the Musical Projects for Teens from Music in Our Homeschool

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**Warning: If you are new to Hamilton, be aware that there is profanity in the soundtrack (but you can hear “clean” versions on YouTube), in the stage musical, and in the Disney Plus movie version (although in this version the F-words have been removed).

Hamilton the Musical Projects:

Play or Sing a Hamilton song

Guitar tutorial for “You’ll Be Back”:

Piano tutorial for “Dear Theodosia”:

Vocal tutorials for the trio “Schuyler Sisters”:

Get two friends and each of you learn a different part!


Learn about “How Hamilton Works” ~ Music Theory:

Themes and motifs:


The Aaron Burr chord progression:

The “My Shot” Chord Progression:

The Choreography of Hamilton:

Learn some choreography from the show here.

Bonus Hamilton the Musical Project Idea:

Read the book that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the musical:

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Which Hamilton the Musical project did you decide to work on first? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Hamilton the Musical Projects for Teens from Music in Our Homeschool

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