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Ten Reasons to Have Homeschoolers Learn Guitar (E8)

Do you play the guitar? Has your son or daughter been asking to learn to play guitar? Learning to play an instrument is a great way for homeschooled students to develop their creativity and self-expression. Not only that, but it can also help them learn important life skills like self-discipline, communication, problem-solving, and more. Of all the instruments one could choose to learn, the acoustic guitar is a great choice. Here are 10 reasons to have homeschoolers learn guitar.

It’s Accessible

Acoustic guitars are easy to find in any music store or even at a neighbor’s house! You can borrow one or buy one very inexpensively at a thrift store. It’s also easy to travel with (unlike a piano) and doesn’t require time-consuming set-up (unlike a drum set).

Learning the Guitar Left-Handed: What You Need to Know

It’s Fun 

There’s no denying that learning to play the guitar can be quite enjoyable! Strumming chords, fingerpicking melodies, and belting out lyrics while playing are all great ways for homeschooled kids to have a super fun time! It allows kids to express themselves musically without relying on technology or special equipment. They can pick up their guitar and start playing whenever they feel like it – whether they want to practice alone or with friends!

It’s Versatile 

The guitar is a great instrument to learn for its versatility. The guitar can be used in any genre of music from rock and metal to classical, jazz, folk, country, Christian contemporary, praise band, and more! It can also be used as an accompaniment for singing or for solo playing. Furthermore, learning to play the guitar can lead to flexibility to play other instruments such as electric guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin.

Guitar Time with Ben beginning acoustic guitar lessons course

It Develops Life Skills

Learning an instrument isn’t just about becoming a better musician; it also teaches important life skills such as discipline, problem-solving, time management, perseverance, and more. As homeschoolers, these are invaluable lessons that can be applied outside of the music realm too!

It Teaches Self-Esteem

Being able to play an instrument gives children a sense of accomplishment that can boost their confidence and self-esteem in other areas of their lives as well. As they become proficient at playing the acoustic guitar, their confidence in themselves and their abilities will grow!

It Helps Them Unwind and Destress

After spending hours doing academic work or engaging in extracurricular activities, taking some time out with the acoustic guitar can be a great way for kids to relax and unwind from all their daily stressors. Music has been proven to reduce anxiety levels significantly, which is why learning how to play an instrument can be so beneficial for homeschoolers!

Guitar Time with Ben beginning guitar lessons course.

It Encourages Creativity

Learning an instrument encourages creative thinking by pushing children out of their comfort zone and into uncharted territory when it comes to making music. With the acoustic guitar specifically, kids have the opportunity to learn different chords and melodies which can lead them down exciting paths when exploring different genres of music! Maybe they’ll even be inspired to compose their own songs!

Enhances Memory Skills

Learning how to play an instrument requires strong memory skills because it involves memorizing chord progressions, scales, and other important pieces of information. Additionally, playing music helps strengthen neural pathways in the brain that are responsible for memory recall and retention over time.

It Improves Coordination & Motor Skills

Playing the acoustic guitar requires both fine motor skills (using your fingers) as well as large motor skills (holding & strumming). It also strengthens left-right brain connections since both hands are being used separately. By working on both types of motor skills simultaneously while playing this type of instrument, kids are sure to develop greater coordination throughout their bodies which will benefit them in various ways over time!

Guitar Time with Ben beginning acoustic guitar lessons course

It Helps Players Grow Musically

I always encourage piano lessons as often as possible, but the guitar is a close second. Playing the guitar will develop listening skills, especially how to stay in tune and how to hear harmonies, help students learn to ready and play correct rhythms, teach them how to read chord charts, and lots more music theory concepts!


I want to encourage you to help your child take up this awesome hobby! The benefits associated with learning how to play the acoustic guitar are numerous and far-reaching with improved coordination & motor skills development, increased patience & perseverance, creative exploration opportunities, stress relief outlets, and increased self-esteem boosts. And, it will give students an instrument to play for life!

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