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Piano Parents Crash Course

Are you one of the many parents who never had a chance to have piano lessons yourself but want to provide that opportunity for your kids? I’m so excited to have found something you need: the Piano Parents Crash Course.

Piano Parents Crash Course, an online course for parents of new piano students from Pianosaurus Rex. Read the review at #music #pianolessons #musicinourhomeschool

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Piano Parents Crash Course

Bridey Gibson of Pianosaurus Rex has a great Piano Parents Crash Course online course to give parents with no musical background the tools and information they need to help their child get the most out of their piano lessons.

It’s a very quick course taught with videos because we parents don’t have extra time, do we?

She even has Cheat Sheets if you need to get the info even quicker.

Piano Parents Crash Course online course

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These are the 6 Modules and specific topics you’ll learn:

Part One: The Basics

  • Posture
  • Hands and Fingers
  • Musical Alphabet
  • Piano Keys

Part Two: Rhythm

  • Note and Rest Values
  • Time Signatures
  • Counting

Part Three: Notes

  • Grand Staff
  • Learning Notes
  • Chords and Intervals

Part Four: Musical Expression

  • Tempo
  • Dynamics

Part Five: Reading Music

  • Steps to Reading Music

Part Six: Practice <<< this is the most important!

  • Practice Habits
  • Practice Activities
  • How Parents Can Get Involved
  • Practice Trouble Shooting

Emphasis on Practice:

I love the emphasis that Bridey puts on practice. After all, no one will ever improve in their skills without practicing. There are several game ideas and challenges to encourage your kids to increase practicing.

Bridey includes a couple of practice charts in the course. You might also want to check out my Music Practice Assignment Sheets here.

Find 10 beautiful and classy music practice assignment sheets that you can use to get your kids motivated to practice their instruments. The choices include monthly, weekly, and even a 100-day practice chart with a set of stickers to print for it. #musiclessons #musiclessonsforkids #instrumentpractice #pianolessons #musicprintables #ichoosejoyblog #musicinourhomeschool

How long does the course take?

It will only take a couple of hours to go through the Piano Parents Crash Course. But, use the Cheat Sheets and learn even quicker.

What else is included:

There are several games, activities, and worksheets for you to do with your child during practice time. And, there are some extra resource suggestions if you as the parent is interested in exploring a topic more in depth: books and articles to read, videos to watch, etc. Bridey also has a website called Pianosaurus Rex with all kinds of resources and articles to check out!

My Take-Away about Piano Parents Crash Course

As a music teacher, and parent of piano students myself, I whole-heartedly recommend this course to any mom or dad who never took piano lessons but is now having their kids learn piano. It will give you as the parent tools, vocabulary, and knowledge you’ll need to help your kids be successful!

And your kids will love it as well; the worksheets included have dinosaur and animal themes!

Piano Parents Crash Course

It’s only $20! Head over to get the Piano Parents Crash Course today.

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  1. I really enjoy your resources. I have used a couple of your online courses and some of the other freebies you’ve had from time to time. I have a large family and trying to get everyone lessons in certain instruments is not cost effective, but we do have a piano. I am going to give the lessons myself and the crash course will be helpful for me to get my mind in gear for the upcoming year. Thank you and thank you for the access to such a great giveaway.

  2. You always post great reviews-well thought out and detailed. Thank you for your insight on this product to help parents!

  3. The course sounds like a great idea. Presently, I’m having my son teach me what he learns. He loves being the teacher and teaching me reinforces what he’s learning and Bonus I’m learning too 😀

  4. Growing up in a musical home, I was so excited to share my love of great music with my kids…but quickly realized I needed MAJOR help with a plan. I grabbed the musical periods course when it was offered through Build Your Bundle and the kids and I are enjoying it immensely! A great “dip your toes in” course.

  5. I have always wanted to learn how to play piano! I played the flute/piccolo for over 18 years, so I can at least read music. I plan to check out this course!

  6. "State Songs of the 50 U.S. States" online course from Music in Our Homeschool is the perfect way to combine geography and music education in your homeschool, classroom, or homeschool co-op. Click through to see a free preview lesson. #musiccourse #elementarymusic #musiceducation #musiclessonsforkids #musicinourhomeschool

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