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Maestro Classics Winter Sale

Maestro Classics classical music appreciation CDs for kids ~ Love these!
Do you have any Maestro Classics CDs? They are wonderful for music appreciation because you get the story with the music.

We recently listened to The Nutcracker, and I love the way Jim Weiss narrates through the story while we hear the music in the background. It’s also a shortened version, so it’s easier for younger ears to listen to.

See a review of the Maestro Classics The Nutcracker here.

The Nutcracker CD by Maestro Classics review from Music in Our Homeschool #musicinourhomeschool #thenutcracker #homeschoolmusic #musiceducationreviews

Maestro Classics Full CD set

I just received the other 11 CDs of the series today, so more reviews will be coming.

Maestro Classics $5 MP3 Downloads!

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