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Use These Classy Music Practice Assignment Sheets to Encourage Practicing

Last Sunday, two of my kids played piano at an assisted living center with others of their piano studio. It was a beautiful time listening to these students, ages 5 to 18, blessing others with their lovely music.

But, in order to get to that point, the students spent many, many hours practicing. I’ve had kids taking private music lessons for the last 13 years, and I know the struggle of getting them to be consistent with their practicing.

That’s why I commissioned the creation of these amazing Music Practice Assignment Sheets. I want to help my kids– and others– be motivated and organized in their music practicing.

I am so happy with the way these Music Practice Assignment Sheets turned out! Don’t you love them, too?

Find 10 beautiful and classy music practice assignment sheets that you can use to get your kids motivated to practice their instruments. The choices include monthly, weekly, and even a 100-day practice chart with a set of stickers to print for it. #musiclessons #musiclessonsforkids #instrumentpractice #pianolessons #musicprintables #ichoosejoyblog #musicinourhomeschool

Music Practice Assignment Sheets

  • 10 different styles
  • Weekly practice sheets
  • Monthly practice sheets
  • 100-day practice chart
  • Set of 100 stickers to put on the chart (print on sticker paper)
  • Useful for any instrument or voice lessons
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Good for boys and girls
  • Quotes about music
  • Some special features: Places for parent’s initials, for student to rate his/her effort for the week, for teacher to write assignments, for student to write goals or questions, and more!

How to Use the Music Practice Assignment Sheets

Look through all the pages (10 choices) and decide which style will work best for your student. Do they need a weekly sheet? Would monthly or 100 days work better? Also, have your student choose based on the graphics, colors, etc. If they like the way it looks, they’ll be even more motivated to practice so they can “check it off” on the chart!

Also, you might want to get the private lesson teacher’s input. There are spots on several of the pages where they can write assignments and other notes for the student to follow during their practicing. Which sheet would the teacher prefer to use? (Please send the teacher the link to purchase if they’d would like a copy for themselves, since the license only allows a parent to use it with their own kids or a teacher with only one class of students. Thanks!)

Download a free sample

Where to Purchase the Music Practice Assignment Sheets

I have the set available for only $2.50 at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!


Please leave feedback at Teachers Pay Teachers if you purchase there. You’ll get credit, and it helps I Choose Joy Publishing to be seen more in search results. Thanks so much!

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