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Giveaway: 20th Century Music Appreciation online course

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20th Century Music Appreciation for High School

Get the 20th Century Music Appreciation Course for High School. self-paced, online

Here are some details about the course:

  • 36 lessons long
  • Can be used for high school fine arts credit (instructions included)
  • Notebooking pages included
  • Learn about classical composers
  • Study about popular musicians, such as rock and rock and folk singers
  • Learn about a variety of styles including ragtime, opera, musical theater, electronic music, and film score music
  • Goes perfectly with a 20th-century history course
  • The focus is on music from America, Europe, and South America
  • All information to read, links, and videos included
  • It’s self-paced
  • Forever access
  • Can easily be taught at a co-op (license required)
  • Can easily be done by a high schooler on his or her own
  • Appropriate for K-12th grades
  • Get it now; use it later!

Check out free preview lessons of 20th Century Music Appreciation here: Blues & Jazz and Aaron Copland.

20th Century Music Appreciation Course for High School Students

(Giveaway is complete.)

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  1. I learned that you have combined Baroque and Classical composers with additional study resources that follow a Charlotte Mason teaching approach. Love that it includes a full curriculum guide for grades K-12 from Wayfarers, along with a science, history, and language curriculum.

  2. I purchased the high school Bundle 2 and was able to get the Music Appreciation Middle Ages Through the Classical Period as part of that bundle. I’ve skimmed through the curriculum and it is well thought out and organized. We are looking forward to this course in the fall when my daughter begins 11th grade. There are several other options available in the Build Your Own Bundle for students of all ages.

  3. I learned about some great homeschool products that I’ve never heard of before, particularly some of the music and art curriculum that’s available.

  4. I love that I learned about your website this year! It has been the perfect resource for our family and my kids with special needs! Thank you!

  5. I found some great preschool resources to recommend to a friend just starting out homeschooling.

  6. I’ve learned about some new curriculum Ihadn’t heard of before. Now I need to research and see if I ‘need” it!

  7. After wondering why I was being charged for three bundles instead of two, I learned that you can only get the B2G1 discount only applied with like bundles. For instance, if you purchase two ready-made bundles, you get a third ready-made bundle for free.

    I had two build your own bundles and a ready-made bundle, which is why the discount didn’t go through.

    1. Yes, that has been a rule from the beginning. I know it’s confusing. Send a note to them asking them to change that next year!

  8. I learned that I am addicted to digital curriculum. I have been working hard to work your BYB product into my budget. We have the 15 minute Star Wars course and my children love it.

  9. I learned that I could purchase one of your online classes in an Upper Grades bundle. I like the fact that I could build my own bundle as well, which I was able to utilize this year.

  10. I have learned from Bundles it is a great way to get multiple items for the lowest price.

  11. "State Songs of the 50 U.S. States" online course from Music in Our Homeschool is the perfect way to combine geography and music education in your homeschool, classroom, or homeschool co-op. Click through to see a free preview lesson. #musiccourse #elementarymusic #musiceducation #musiclessonsforkids #musicinourhomeschool

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