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How Music in Our Homeschool Plus Makes Music Education Possible for Busy Homeschool Parents (E11)

Are you a homeschooling parent juggling multiple responsibilities and wondering how to incorporate music education into your already jam-packed schedule? Look no further! The membership from Music in Our Homeschool is here to revolutionize the way you approach music education in your homeschool. Today we’re talking about how Music in Our Homeschool Plus makes music education possible for busy homeschool parents.

The NEW Music in Our Homeschool Plus is coming Wednesday, May 1, 2024!

Music education is an essential component of a well-rounded homeschool curriculum, but it can often feel overwhelming for busy homeschooling parents. That’s where Music in Our Homeschool Plus comes in. Designed to be easy and convenient, Music in Our Homeschool Plus offers a comprehensive music education solution for homeschool families with kids of all ages.

With Music in Our Homeschool Plus, achieving a music education in your homeschool is easier than you think. Whether you have preschoolers or high schoolers or any ages in between, Music in Our Homeschool Plus has something for everyone. From curated monthly calendars of music lessons to live lessons taught by Gena Mayo, an experienced music educator, Music in Our Homeschool Plus takes the guesswork out of music education.

The Music Lesson Calendar of the Month

One of the key features of Music in Our Homeschool Plus is the curated Music Lesson Calendar of the Month. Each day, homeschool parents and their children can simply click the link and watch a 15-minute music lesson covering composers, musical concepts, or compositions that relate to particular holidays or special days of the month. This makes it easy to fit music education into your homeschool routine without the need for extensive planning or preparation–because there is no planning or prep needed at all!

Do you need to do every lesson? No! My goal is for you to average ONE lesson per week. Even that will bring you a huge amount of success, get you in the habit of including music education in your homeschool, and allow your children to begin to gain a knowledge of many composers, musical styles, and musical concepts.

And, it’s fun for the kids to check off the circle each day for the lessons they did that month.

Live Music Lessons

But that’s not all! Music in Our Homeschool Plus also offers live lessons every month, taught by Gena Mayo herself. These live lessons cover a wide range of topics, from composer studies to music theory. They provide an interactive learning experience as they are taught through Zoom, and allow homeschool students to engage with music in a meaningful way.

Here are the lesson topics for the rest of 2024:

  • May: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • June: Scott Joplin
  • July: Frederic Chopin
  • August: Igor Stravinsky
  • September: Clara Schumann
  • October: Amy Beach
  • November: Hans Zimmer
  • December: Franz Liszt (Christmas Tree Suite)

Want to check out a live lesson for yourself to see what it’s like? Click here to view the recent music lesson about Aaron Copland!

Live Art Lessons

A brand new feature as of May 2024, we now have a LIVE art lesson every month at the Premium Tier of Music in Our Homeschool Plus. Our first four lessons will focus on acrylic painting. Look at these fun paintings we’ll do:

In May, it’s Don’t Be Crabby with a cute crab walking on the ocean floor surrounded by fish, starfish, and a sand dollar. June’s painting is called Surfing Shark and features a shark on a surfboard in the ocean waves. In July we’ll paint Beach Buddy with a dog in sunglasses on the sunny beach. And, in August we’ll paint a whimsical painting called Bold Butterfly that includes beautiful flowers and a gorgeous butterfly, too.

What ages are these art lessons for? All ages, but specifically focusing on upper elementary through high school. Younger children will be able to use the traceables as coloring pages, and you’re free to use any media you prefer such as washable paints, colored pencils, markers, chalk pastels, watercolors, or anything else!

Feel Ill-Prepared to Teach Music?

Worried about not having any musical knowledge yourself? Fear not! Music in Our Homeschool Plus is designed for homeschool parents who may not have any musical background at all. With easy-to-follow lessons, you can teach music to your kids with confidence. In addition, Music in Our Homeschool Plus offers a wide variety of courses for all ages, including music appreciation, beginning music theory, beginning recorder, singing, beginning guitar, and much more.

The Two Tiers of Music in Our Homeschool Plus

There are two Music in Our Homeschool Plus tiers to choose from.

The Basic Tier includes the Music Calendar of the Month plus seven of the top elementary Music in Our Homeschool courses:

  • World Music
  • American Music
  • Learn Classical Music with Cartoons
  • Intro to Musicals
  • 15-Minute Music Lessons
  • State Songs of the 50 U.S. States
  • Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days

The Premium Tier includes all of the above, plus:

  • Over 50 courses and resources for all ages including Singing Made Easy, Guitar Time with Ben, and Recorder Time with Mr. Jerry
  • Music Theory courses: one for elementary and two levels for teens
  • LIVE music lesson each month
  • LIVE art lesson each month
  • Access to all replays of Live lessons
  • Fine Arts Topic Masterclasses course for high school
  • Contests and Special Events
  • Much more!

Get Started Today!

So if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of adding music education to your homeschool curriculum, Music in Our Homeschool Plus may be the answer you’ve been looking for. With easy-to-follow short lessons, no-prep required, and even live music and art lessons taught by Gena Mayo, Music in Our Homeschool Plus makes it easy and convenient to include music education in your homeschool routine.

Ready to get started? Visit to learn more and become a member today. Remember, achieving a music education in your homeschool is easier than you think with Music in Our Homeschool Plus. Don’t wait any longer. Join today and start making music a part of your homeschool journey tomorrow!

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