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Tips for Teaching Music in your Homeschool When Your Child Isn’t Interested (E3)

Are you facing the challenge of engaging your children in music education? Looking for some tips for teaching music to them? As a homeschooler, incorporating music into your curriculum might seem daunting, especially if your kids aren’t initially interested. I was recently asked this question:

Question for Music in Our Homeschool to answer

Ok I have a question, my kids really just aren’t interested in learning much about music. Is there any way I can pique their interest?

So, today I have 5 tips to spark interest in music education for the reluctant learners in your homeschool!

tips to teach music What to do When Your Child Isn't Interested in Learning Music in Your Homeschool

Cartoon Connection:

Have you ever thought about combining cartoons with classical music? It’s a genius way to captivate young minds. My online course for all ages called Learn Classical Music with Cartoons offers a delightful blend of animated visuals and enchanting melodies, plus some active movement activities to get the kids off the couch! Through the engaging medium of cartoons, children can enjoy classical music without even realizing they’re learning.

Learn Classical Music with Cartoons

Hands-On Active Learning

For some kids, sitting still and studying music isn’t appealing. That’s where practical courses like Recorder Time with Mr. Jerry (beginning recorder course for ages 8 and up) and Guitar Time with Ben (beginning guitar class for ages 10 and up) come in. These interactive lessons make learning an instrument fun and accessible. Whether it’s mastering the recorder or strumming chords on a guitar, hands-on activities can transform music education into an enjoyable experience for many reluctant learners.

Recorder Time with Mr. Jerry beginning recorder lessons for kids

Repeated Exposure

Sometimes, appreciation for music grows over time. Encourage your children to listen to a piece multiple times. Much like rewatching a movie reveals hidden details, repeated hearings allow for a deeper understanding and enjoyment of music. They’ll begin to expect and know what comes next. They’ll recognize certain parts that might become their favorites! Whether it’s a classical masterpiece such as Dvorák’s New World Symphony or a contemporary tune, familiarity breeds appreciation–and maybe even love!

Connect to Your Child’s Existing Interests

Tap into your child’s existing interests by exploring music from their favorite movies, video games, or TV shows. Incorporating familiar tunes into your homeschooling music education repertoire can make the learning process more relatable and engaging. By connecting music to their passions, you’ll show them that studying music can be as enjoyable as their leisure activities. I have a really fun music lesson about video game music in the Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership.

Use Living Books (Picture Books)

Dive into the world of music through picture books. Pairing stories with musical compositions, such as “The Nutcracker” or “Peter and the Wolf,” brings the music to life in a vivid and immersive way. Read more about the concept of teaching music through picture books and find specific book recommendations in this blog post.

How to Use Picture Books to Teach Music in Your Homeschool from

Conclusion for Tips for Teaching Music in Your Homeschool

Incorporating these tips into your homeschooling routine can make music education a joyful and enriching experience for your children. Remember, every child has a unique learning style, so don’t be discouraged if one approach doesn’t immediately resonate. Stay patient, stay creative, and let the melodies of learning fill your homeschool with joy!

What other tips for teaching music to reluctant learners do you have? Please leave a comment below!

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