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Sound Bites: Music Appreciation Straight to Your Inbox

I love this neat way of doing music appreciation in your homeschool from Erica of Enrichment Studies! It’s called Sound Bites, and you get a video link in your email each day to listen to with your kids! What could be easier than that?

Enrollment for Sound Bites is not always open. Check to see if it is now!

Sound Bites music appreciation in your email inbox! Get an email each day of a video to watch and add music appreciation to your homeschool and classroom! ~Music in Our Homeschool

Bonuses When Getting Sound Bites Right Now

1. Music listening pages for littles, middles, and bigs, where they can document what they listened to, tell how they liked it, etc.
2. Printables for learning about dynamics, tempo, and instrument families.
3. Instrument coloring pages to help children become more familiar with each piece and part of the orchestra!
4. Fun writing prompt activities for those that want to add that layer in.
5. For high schoolers that are needing to earn music appreciation credit, we have a listening & learning log, a spot to easily keep track of time spent on music appreciation so you can stay on track for earning your credit, and notebooking pages for writing more about the composers or pieces of music.

All 100+ pages of this wonderful additional resource is FREE with enrollment in Sound Bites!

How it works

Receive a simple email each weekday that features the music of the day. One click from that email will hop you right over to Youtube so you can watch & listen to a video of the featured piece. Easily access it on your phone, tablet, or computer, and you will finally be able to include a consistent music appreciation component to your days, without any planning required!

When to Listen

You can listen during breakfast or lunch, during chores, or perhaps during some quiet drawing time. However you want to implement it, your daily Sound Bites will be ready when you are.

What Music Will You Listen To?

This version of Sound Bites includes music from the Baroque & Classical Era, pieces from Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, Haydn, Vivaldi, Bach, and others.

Students will effortlessly become familiar with the best-known musical pieces from this era  (We’ve done all the research for you!)


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