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Use Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction for Live At-Home Lessons

[Today’s guest post is a sponsored post about Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction and was written by the teacher Sarah Van Kleeck.]

Use Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction for Live At-Home Lessons #homeschoolmusic #music #musiclessons #violinlessons

Homeschooling and Music Instruction Struggles

Homeschooling in the twenty-first century comes with its profound joys and substantial challenges. We are able to provide a safe environment free from negative peer pressure and violence. And, at the same time we offer personal and individual education for each of our children! Along with these freedoms and benefits we are faced with a host of challenges not the least of which are: cost, time management, and community.

Use Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction for Live At-Home Lessons #homeschoolmusic #music #musiclessons #violinlessons

As a homeschooling parent, you know that curriculum choice depends heavily on how we answer these challenges. Indeed, we begin with what we desire for our children. Then, we factor in whether we have the time and money to provide what we desire.

Use Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction for Live At-Home Lessons #homeschoolmusic #music #musiclessons #violinlessons

This is especially true regarding things that are outside of our given expertise. Perhaps we seek to strengthen our children in areas where we find ourselves lacking. Or perhaps we had an opportunity that we failed to capitalize on when we were young. One such curriculum choice is that of the arts, and more specifically, music.

Private Music Lesson Difficulties 

As the current method of providing private music lessons stands, the parent is compelled to leave their home (often either leaving older siblings at home or taking younger siblings with you) in order to meet for a music lesson thirty to forty minutes away once a week.

Use Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction for Live At-Home Lessons #homeschoolmusic #music #musiclessons #violinlessons

In all honesty, we are time-starved as homeschooling parents. Between co-op, sports, homework, and daily education often it seems we do not have time. Time to sit in traffic, wait outside the music room with kids in tow, brave the traffic back home, and keep the school day on the rails.


What can be even more frustrating is the phenomena associated with weekly music lessons without any notable progress on the part of the student. When progress begins to wain, often the student grows discouraged and the parent begins to wonder if $100 monthly price tag is worth it.

A Solution: Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction

Being a homeschool mom for the last 12 years and a mother of 8, I understand these same frustrations that you encounter in your homeschool journey. This is why I created Practice Monkeys. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and being a violin teacher for the past 26 years has shown me the need for LIVE music lessons in the twenty-first century.

LIVE Online Suzuki Violin Lessons

Practice Monkeys provides LIVE online Suzuki violin lessons from the comfort of your home for the whole family at one low monthly price. After free placement, your student will meet with Sarah online in a group setting 15 minutes a day Monday through Thursday to practice technique, music theory, and reading music.

With Practice Monkeys there is no need to watch boring videos over and over. You meet live with Sarah as well as your fellow classmates who are at the same level.

There is no more packing up the kids to go to music lessons or waiting for your spouse to get home. Long gone are the days of waiting in traffic both ways plus travel time only to receive 30 minutes of teaching.

Benefits of Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction

With Practice Monkeys:

  • Attend live lessons with those of equal level
  • Four days a week
  • That amounts to at least 1 hour per week of live practice instruction
  • Additionally, if you have more than one child that would like to attend or perhaps even yourself, the cost remains the same!

Practice Monkeys: The Future of Private Music Lessons

If you are looking for a solution to music education in your homeschool where the cost is low, time in travel is unnecessary, and your children are able to build relationships with other students, then look no further than Practice Monkeys. Visit us at

Use Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction for Live At-Home Lessons #homeschoolmusic #music #musiclessons #violinlessons

About the Teacher Sarah Van Kleeck

Sarah Van Kleeck is an experience violin instructor who has been teaching Suzuki violin for 26 years. Equipped with the gift of private instruction throughout childhood, high school, college, and Suzuki Teacher training, Sarah dove into teaching with a heartfelt passion at a young age, seeking success for each of her young students.

Practice Monkeys Piano Lessons Coming Soon!

Right now, we have the Practice Monkeys Suzuki Piano Lessons in Beta. Head here to sign up for the Beta group. Or, keep watching Music in Our Homeschool so you’ll know when it’s all ready!

Giveaway of Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction

The Practice Monkeys violin teacher Sarah Van Kleeck is offering readers of Music in Our Homeschool one month of Live Violin Classes (16 classes) + a free Assessment Lesson (total $59 in value) to 3 winners!

Enter on the Rafflecopter app below. The contest ends on November 11, 2018 and the winners will have 24 hours to respond to my email.

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Use Practice Monkeys Violin Instruction for Live At-Home Lessons #homeschoolmusic #music #musiclessons #violinlessons


(Disclosure: Today’s post is a sponsored post from Practice Monkeys.)

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  1. I would love to win this for my family. Probably my 6 or 8 year olds would be the most likely to be the learners. I’m certainly glad to learn more about this option.

  2. I would love these lessons for my daughters (ages 12 and 14) they used to have private lessons before my husband was laid off. Now that he is working again, they have joined a small homeschool orchestra but extra help would be wonderful.

  3. We would like for our daughter, 13 yo, to take violin, but can’t afford private lessons. This online option seems amazing!

  4. I would probably use them for my 6 year old, but I might even use them myself. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to play the violin!

  5. My younger son has been wanting to learn piano and violin for a very Long time but because it’s too expensive here I malaysia to send for violin lessons, I have yet to send him. Winning this will be a wonderful gift for him.

  6. My younger son has always been wanting to learn and , but the lessons in Malaysia are too expensive for me to send him. He would be so grateful and excited to win these lessons for his dream to come true. Thank you.

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