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Music With Nancy: Great Songs to Teach Young Children

[Today’s article “Music With Nancy: Great Songs to Teach Young Children ” was written by Nancy Kopman and is part of the 31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool Series.]


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Music With Nancy: Great Songs to Teach Young Children

When it comes to teaching music to young children, most people think of it as a separate subject, requiring a specialist.  Although there are millions of teaching songs sung to the tune of “The Wheels on The Bus”, there is something to be said for unique, catchy, easy-to-learn music that sounds good while fulfilling a specific teaching purpose. Music With Nancy does this!

Who is Nancy?

I am a teacher, musician, recording artist and performer.  You may have already come across one or two of my videos, like “The Animals” (a song for very young children that introduces addition and subtraction using 4-part harmony).

or The 7 Continents, 5 Oceans (a memory aid for older children).

Who uses Nancy’s songs?

The songs are very popular among teachers in schools and homes.

One of the things that makes my short, catchy, action-based music so useful in a preschool, Kindergarten and elementary classroom is that all of the songs are theme-friendly.  Transportation, Outer Space, All About Me, Animals, My Family, Seasons…the list goes on.

There are songs that encourage relaxation during rest time, songs that teach right and left, the vowels, the names of the planets, opposites, shapes, tidying up and self-esteem building songs to remind children to be secure with who they are and value the people they love. The songs are also designed to be used easily in a pocket chart to encourage high-frequency word recognition.

How to connect with Nancy?

You can find Nancy’s music on iTunes or on CDBaby.

Find more videos on Nancy’s YouTube channel, “Music With Nancy”.

Nancy has 3 albums: “I Know I’ll Grow….” (2009), “The Seasons” (2013), “Wonderful You”(2014)  and a 4th, “Shadow”,  that is due for release this March.

“Like” Nancy’s FB page for the official announcement–she will be posting new videos soon.

Follow Nancy on Twitter and Instagram @musicwithnancy!

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