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The Incredible Benefits of Including Bucket Drumming in your Homeschool

Rhythm is at the core of all music. No matter what the genre or instrument, rhythm is what gives the notes life and direction. Many students do not get the rhythmic foundation they need to develop into well-rounded musicians, in part because of affordability. Read on to learn about the incredible benefits of including bucket drumming and how you can do it in your homeschool!

The Incredible Benefits of Including Bucket Drumming in your Homeschool, including videos so you can try it now! #music #musiclessonsforkids #homeschoolmusic #bucketdrumming #musicinourhomeschool

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Drum Sets

No drum set is required! Learn percussion through a bucket drumming online school instead.

Drum sets can be expensive—with beginner kits ranging from $300 to $700—and private drum lessons typically start at $40/hour.

What is Bucket Drumming

That’s why Austin, Texas-based music teacher Sammy Foster created the online bucket drumming school — one of the largest online resources for bucket drumming education. The subscription-based site provides an easy and affordable alternative for students to learn rhythm skills at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes.

Subscriptions start at $19.95/month. Sammy has toured nine countries as a cultural ambassador for the U.S. State Department, teaching music and drumming workshops to international students of all ages. His bucket drumming video tutorials allow students to learn rhythm and percussion skills by playing along to popular songs.

Health Benefits of Drumming

Health benefits of drumming Drumming is an ancient practice that communities have used for thousands of years as a creative outlet, social activity, and healing modality.

Recent research has shown that drumming has myriad mental and physical health benefits and can help:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Release negative feelings, blockages, and emotional trauma
  • Ease chronic pain

Drumming with Special Needs Children

Drumming is also being used as a way to improve emotional, motor, and cognitive development in children with special needs and may even help increase focus in students with ADD and ADHD. A recent study from Northwestern University showed a link between rhythmic proficiency and language skills.

The Incredible Benefits of Including Bucket Drumming in your Homeschool #bucketdrumming #homeschoolmusic #musicinourhomeschool #musiclessonsforkids

Why Use Bucket Drums?

Why bucket drums? Bucket drums have become increasingly popular among music teachers because of their affordability, portability, and accessibility. Bucket drums are a great introduction to rhythm and percussion, and students as young as 6-years-old can start learning notation and basic beats.

Buckets can be purchased from a hardware or paint store for as little as $2 and some stores will even donate used buckets. (Try your local grocery store or deli.)

Drumsticks typically cost $7-$10 a pair and even less if you buy in bulk.

Doing Bucket Drumming at a Homeschool Co-op

This past year our music teacher for 4th-6th graders at our homeschool co-op taught bucket drumming. My kids loved it! They just had a 5-gallon green bucket and dowel rod sticks. The kids covered (decorated) the sticks in duct tape, which served two purposes: added durability so the sticks were less likely to break and made each set unique so the kids knew which ones were theirs.

There are so many benefits in bucket drumming. Learn about them here and how you can do it at home or at a homeschool co-op.

It was fun to see them learn 3 new musical skills through bucket drumming.

  1. They learned new rhythms.
  2. They learned to improvise alone and with small groups.
  3. They learned to drum and chant/sing at the same time! Subscription

What is included in a subscription? offers complete bucket drumming instruction from beginner to advanced through video tutorials, warm-up exercises, quizzes, and sheet music.

A subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to more than 150 videos tutorials, including Top 40 play-along songs and original compositions
  • Specialized ear training lessons
  • Lesson plans
  • Sheet music
  • Performance ideas
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Free Bucket Drumming Videos

Interested in trying out bucket drumming and experiencing the benefits for yourself? Try out your rhythmic skills by drumming along to the videos below.

VIDEO: Top 10 Bucket Drumming Beast of All Time!

VIDEO: How to play We Will Rock You by Queen on bucket drums!

Free “Getting Started With Bucket Drumming” Guide

"Getting Started With Bucket Drumming" is a free guide you can download from The Incredible Benefits of Including Bucket Drumming in your Homeschool #bucketdrumming #homeschoolmusic #musicinourhomeschool #musiclessonsforkids

Download this free 7-page guide from It includes some basic rhythms to learn, ways to hold the bucket and the drumsticks, and more! Contest 

(Check to see if this is still active:)  To enter to win a chance for a free annual subscription to, like @bucketdrumming on Instagram and comment on a photo with the hashtag #drumanywhere.

Bucket Drumming from Gena

In June 2020, Gena added a Bucket Drumming lesson to her Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership. There are 2 videos and a printable pack.

Here is the first video about how to get your drumsticks ready for playing:

(The second video of a full 15-Minute Music Lesson on Bucket Drumming is available inside the membership.)

And, to purchase the Bucket Drumming Printable Activities separately, see it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Bucket Drumming Rhythm Activities is the perfect fun and active activity for your students! Learn to read rhythms and create your own compositions.

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  1. It’s great to learn that you can reduce stress and anxiety by having kids learn bucket drumming. My wife is wanting to start homeschooling and she was wondering how she could have our kids reduce their anxiety when learning. I’ll be sure to tell her to consider implementing bucket drumming in school.

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