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A Letter to a Parent From a Music Teacher (Day 6)

Letter to Parent from Music Teacher #musicinourhomeschool #musiceducation #musiclessonsforkids #homeschoolmusic

[Today’s article was written by Amy Paxton and is part of the 31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool Series.]

Are you a parent? Please read this!

Letter to a Parent from a Music Teacher.

You have heard how music changes our brains. How it is good for our children. As we celebrate this new website, you are here to learn, to gather new ideas – you love tips, ideas and tricks!
It’s time to be a good musical example for your kids; it’s time for adventure and joy. Heart, no more excuses!

Try to capture and change your thoughts from:

  • “I’m only a shower singer” -to “I love singing in the shower – everyone sounds good in the shower!”
  • I’ll sing in the car, but . . .” -to “Singing in the car helps pass the time on long trips. Wow, have I heard some great new music from hearing what my kids are listening to!”
  • “I’m not trained” -to “Let’s sing. Make a joyful noise! I’ll try. Teach me.”
  • “I will look silly”-to “Let’s play. Let’s have fun! I’m so glad I took this class with my toddler and can wiggle along!”
  • “I’m not good enough” -to “If everyone waited until they were good enough, nobody would!”
  • I’m afraid.” -to “Let’s try where I’m at – and find help and resources.”
  • “I can’t.” -to “I’ll try with an open heart towards having fun.”
  • “It’s good for my kids, but not for me.” -to “If it’s good for my kids, it’s probably good for me, too!”
  • “I’m too old’ -to “I’m going to be an example to my children of what a lifelong learner looks like!”

Here are a few easy tastes of musical adventure as a family I recommend trying:

  • Recorder or Penny Whistle – inexpensive instruments that are easy to begin learn and can take a lifetime to master. Try any instrument you can whenever you can.
  • Take a class
  • Visit a contra, folk, or square dance where live music is part of the evening
  • Attend a concert, there is almost always a free concert somewhere!
  • Walk up and talk to a musician you admire
  • Sing freely in church and with your children
  • Volunteer your musical skills when they are needed
  • Put a songbook in the car to help pass the time
  • Check out cds from the library or use Freegal music through the library to try out music

About Amy Paxton: I am blessed in music. My parents sang, read music, participated in high school and community theater, took me folk dancing across the country and played instruments. I have taken music lessons and taught lessons of one sort or another for much of my life. I was encouraged and nurtured to have curiosity and try. I was encouraged to be open and unafraid and learned that I am happier with music in my life than without. I still have to say the same things to my heart as I write here. I have tried, not always successfully, to nurture the same curiosity and willingness to try with my own children.

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