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14 Resources for Learning the Instruments of the Orchestra

Do your kids know all about orchestral instruments? Do they know the four main families of instruments and what sets each apart? Can they identify each instrument by sight and by sound? If not, then you’ll love these great resources for learning the instruments of the orchestra!

14 Resources for Learning the Instruments of the Orchestra

Resources for Learning the Instruments of the Orchestra

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Favorite YouTube Channel

If one of your goals is to learn the sounds of each instrument, then using YouTube videos is a great way to reach this. One of my absolute favorite channels is the Philharmonia. They feature each instrument with the principal player (the “first chair”), so you’ll be learning about the instrument and hearing it played by the best!

Favorite Books about the Orchestra

The Story of the Orchestra by Levine

This book goes through all the instruments of the orchestra, the families, specific composers, and even specific pieces to listen. Includes a CD.

The Remarkable Farkle McBride by Lithgow

A very funny story about the kids Farkle McBride who tries out numerous instruments to play and then settles with being the conductor of an orchestra.

Musical Instruments Stickers from Dover Little Activity Books

Your kids will love these fun instrument stickers!

There are some other great books in this list.

Favorite Classical Pieces for Learning about the Instruments of the Orchestra:

Benjamin Britten wrote a piece called The Young People’s Guide to the Orchestra. It’s a great piece to learn with:

Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev uses a story where each character is portrayed by a different instrument of the orchestra!

CDs and MP3s

Maestro Classics CDs and MP3 downloads are great for learning more about instruments of the orchestra! Check out the one for Peter and the Wolf.

It includes an activity guide/booklet.

Peter and the Wolf Maestro Classics music appreciation

Resources and Games for Learning the Instruments of the Orchestra

There are more than 215 different instruments in the Musical Instruments Notebooking Pages set! Use these for music education in your homeschool or classroom. One side has a black and white drawing of the musical instrument and the other side has lines for writing about the instrument, style, instrument family, and/or performers who play that instrument. #musicinourhomeschool #elementarymusic #musiclessonsforkids #homeschoolmusic

See a Free Preview Download below.


Instrument Families Printable set printables



Musical Instruments Booklet


Meet the Instruments


Instruments Busy Bag


Learning about the Instruments of the Orchestra


Free orchestra lapbook


Download the “Musical Instrument Notebooking Pages” free sample here!

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