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“Love” Music for Valentine’s Day to Enjoy with Your Kids

Classical music can be some of the most beautiful music ever written. If you’re just starting to help your kids (or yourself!) appreciate it, here is some “Love” Music for Valentine’s Day to enjoy with your kids. But, really, you can listen to these any day!

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Tips for Adding Classical Music to Your Homeschool

How about a few tips for how to add some classical music into your day:

Morning Time

Morning Time is when I usually add classical music to our day. Most days I play a lesson from our Music in Our Homeschool Plus membership.

Meal Time

When you’re in the kitchen preparing or eating breakfast or lunch in the dining room, ask your Alexa or Google Home to play classical music.

Bath Time

What a relaxing way for your kids to have a calming bath, while listening to some classical music.

Play Time

When your kids are playing legos or blocks or games, have some classical music playing in the background.

Craft Time

Do you have an “arts and crafts” or handicraft time in your homeschool when you paint, create, sew, crochet, or knit? Turn on the classical music.

Poetry Tea Time

Have you implemented this fun idea of poetry tea time into your homeschool? It’s simply a time to have some fun snacks and read poetry. And, it’s the perfect opportunity to listen to some classical music in the background!

Rides in the Car

Does your town have a classical music station? Try listening to it for a few minutes each time you’re in the car with your kids.

Read-Aloud Time

Here’s my last idea. Turn on some quiet music in the background when you’re reading aloud!

“Love” Music to Enjoy with Your Kids

Here are some beautiful classical pieces that remind me of love. I hope you love them!

Liebestraum means “Love Dream,” and this piano piece was composed by Franz Liszt:

Listen next to the beautiful piece for violin and orchestra by Ludwig van Beethoven called Romance No. 2 in F Major:

Finally, here is Edward Elgar’s Serenade for Strings:


Learn more about these composers in the fun Learn Classical Music with Cartoons online course.

Learn Classical Music with Cartoons

Download a Free Printable Pack to use with “Love” Music for Valentine’s Day to Enjoy with Your Kids

Download a free printable pack called the Study A Composer Printable Pack to use with your Love Music for Valentine’s Day Music Lesson.

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