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How to Set Up a Music Center in Your Homeschool for Independent Learning

Have you ever set up centers, also known as learning stations, in your homeschool? They have been popular in traditional school settings for years and allow for extension activities and encourage independent learning. Here are some wonderful and unique ideas for setting up a music center in your homeschool!

How to Set Up a Music Center in Your Homeschool for Independent Learning

Why & How to Set Up a Learning Center for Music

As you’re considering what to put in your learning center, first consider your goal. Why do you even want to have a music center for your kids in your homeschool? Do you want your student to practice a particular skill, such as learning to play an instrument or read music? Will it be useful to provide manipulatives, something tangible for them to touch such as a drum and move around with such as a scarf? Do you already have some hands-on materials you could include?

Also, how much space do you have? Is there room for a desk or a table? Do you want to provide a spot to sit on the floor with a rug, pillows, or beanbag? Do you need an outlet nearby for a computer or lamp?

You’ll definitely want storage containers, drawers, or baskets to help keep everything organized.

All of these answers will help you choose what you’d like to have in your music center! Feel free to start small and add to it as your kids grow. Just choose one thing from the list below to add this month.


What to Put in Your Music Center

Here are some ideas for what you could put in your homeschool’s music center:

What will you include in your homeschool’s music center?

I’d love to know what you’re going to include in your music center! Please leave a comment below. Bonus: send me a picture of your music center so I can add it to this post! (Send to gena @

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How to Set Up a Music Center in Your Homeschool for Independent Learning

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