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Rhymes for Learning Elementary Science Concepts

[Today we have a guest post from Melissa Roy of Beyond Mommying.]

I started as a dancer and then ballet teacher. After college, I started teaching preschool. And now, I’m a homeschooling mommy to four. I’ve been a lot of things in my life yet, somehow, they’ve all involved music in one way or another.

I learned quickly as a preschool teacher that kids love music. Singing, moving, rhyming, all keep them interested much longer than any other activity. And as a ballet teacher, I know that the rhythms involved in singing songs or saying poems help students to remember things.

So since we don’t use an actual science curriculum in our homeschool, I decided to help my kids with learning about some of the basic science concepts by writing out rhymes to help them remember. (You can also download and print the science rhymes here.)science-rhymes

States of Matter


Ice is a solid,
That’s what makes it cool,
But warm it up a little
And it becomes a pool.

Water is a liquid
Sloshing here and there,
But heat it up some more
And it vanishes in the air.

Steam is a gas,
It goes up and scatters.
Solid, Liquid, Gas:
Three states of matter.

The Five Senses5-senses

My nose is used to smell,
My eyes are used to see,
My ears are used to hear
What is all around me.

My skin is used to touch,
My tongue is used to taste.
My five senses tell me
All about my world and space.

Parts of a Flowerflower-parts

The stem of a plant,
Holds it up nice and straight.
The flower attracts bees
To help pollinate.

The leaves make plant food,
Using water, lights and air.
The roots hold onto the ground,
Making sure it stays right there!

Life Cycle of a Butterflybutterfly-lifecycle

Butterflies start as eggs,
Laying on a leaf.
Then they change to caterpillars,
Though this stage is brief.

Next they make a small cocoon
Called a chrysalis.
And become a butterfly:
This is metamorphosis.

Life Cycle of a Pumpkinlife-cycle-of-a-pumpkin

Pumpkins start as a little seed,
Then a sprout and plant.
Vines grow windy, long and green,
Before the bud pops out.

A big, yellow flower comes next
Then a green pumpkin grows,
And soon a big orange pumpkin
Is ready for its Halloween glow!

Melissa Roy is a ballerina, homeschooling mom to four. She blogs at Beyond Mommying. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.


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