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And the music never happened. . . until Enrichment Studies!

Music in Our Homeschool Composer Study -- And the music never happened until. . . Enrichment Studies #enrichmentstudies #musiceducation #musiclessonsforkids #homeschoolmusic #musicinourhomeschool

And the music never happened. . . until Enrichment Studies!

[Today’s article was written by Erica Johns and is part of the 31 Days of Music in Our Homeschool Series.]

Once upon a time there was a homeschool mom with a bunch of little children who liked to imagine herself as the sort of mom that would have the children listening to classical music and learning about composers on a regular basis. But by the time the math and reading and science stuff was bought, the budget was spent and the music curriculum never got ordered.

It didn’t really matter, though, because the day-to-day busy-ness of life homeschooling never would have allowed for one more thing anyhow! No sirree. All of those reading lessons and math pages and science experiments filled the days quite nicely, thank you.

And the years rolled by and the music never happened, and the mom wondered what she could do to break the cycle and make time for the things she truly wanted to add in. Then she got a great idea that wouldn’t cost very much and could work into her busy schedule without any planning or pre-work! And that’s how Enrichment Studies’ Composer Collections were born!

Our Composer Study Collections feature a curated collection of free videos, worksheets, lesson plans, and other resources from the web that have been evaluated for educational value, appropriateness for homeschool families, and variety. Each collection is nicely organized into one simple resource page for ease of use. Some families do regular composer study and dig into lots of the resources or combine them with other items they already own. Others enjoy jumping from one composer to another and just listening to music and watching the videos as much as they enjoy it. Parents of dyslexic children and others who are not fluent readers love our collected videos that remove reading barriers and allow their children to learn quickly without struggle! And busy moms who need something productive to give their children to do while they help another one will find that our collections provide just that. It’s fun and interesting, as well as educational!

Enrichment Studies features Composer Study for Baroque & Classical eras (enter to win it in the big Music in Our Homeschool Website Launch Giveaway!), the Romantic era, Modern era, and Jazz composers! We also have Artist Study, Art Appreciation, Inventors and Scientists, Great Poets, and more! Come sign up to receive a Free collection here.

Handel Composer Study sample from Enrichment Studies  #musiceducation #musiclessonsforkids #homeschoolmusic #musicinourhomeschool

Erica Johns has spent most of the past 18 years homeschooling her six children, and she is owner of Enrichment Studies.

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