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Christmas Music Tutorials ~ Choose Piano or Guitar

Christmas is coming! Do you have a desire to play a Christmas song on the piano or guitar? I’m thrilled to tell you about Rooted Music Online’s Christmas Music Tutorials. Get started now, and you’ll be ready to play at home or at church this Christmas!

Christmas Music Tutorials Choose Guitar or Piano

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. I also received access to the Christmas Music Tutorials and Hymns Piano Tutorial Course so I could share honestly about the quality of Rooted Music Online.

What the Christmas Music Tutorials Include

These Christmas music tutorials are for both beginner and advanced piano players and for intermediate or advanced guitar players so you can quickly and easily learn to play some of your favorite Christmas tunes.

 The tutorials are in-depth and unlike anything you’ll find on YouTube!

Also, you get lifetime family access!

What songs are included in the Christmas music tutorials?

For Piano

 Silent Night
Joy To The World
 O Come All Ye Faithful
 O Holy Night
The First Noel (Piano Only)

Rooted Music Online Piano Tutorial for Christmas music

For Guitar

 Silent Night
Joy To The World
 O Come All Ye Faithful
O Holy Night
 Little Drummer Boy (Guitar Only)

Rooted Music Online Guitar Tutorial for Christmas music

Why these tutorials are unique

Multiple Tutorials For Each Song

Enjoy piano tutorials for both beginner and advanced players and guitar tutorials for intermediate to advanced players.

  • Beginners – Christmas songs are an awesome way to begin learning.
  • Advanced learners – you’ll learn new advanced techniques.
  • Or go from beginner to advanced as you work with these forever with lifetime access.

Each tutorial is 30 – 60 minutes in length and packed with in-depth coaching and insight videos. And, each tutorial features a downloadable extensive chord chart that you can print, share, and take on the go.

By the way, I just got access to the piano course and will be learning, too! As soon as I have something I’ll post over on my YouTube channel. Be sure to Subscribe there!

A Community Of People Just Like You To Learn & Grow With

You’ll receive the support and encouragement from hundreds of others who are all learning to play Christmas music along with you!

Christmas Music Tutorials Choose Piano or Guitar


Your Instructor: Chris Brink

Chris Brink teaches you to play piano or guitar with Rooted Music Online

Your instructor Chris Brink: “Growing up, my parents were the biggest supporters of music in my life. They cultivated in me a love for music that was already put inside me by God. My mom began teaching me piano at the age of 6, helping me really grow as a player. I believe my background in both classical styles of music as well as contemporary styles of music gives me a well-rounded base from which to teach.

Chris Brink teaches you to play piano or guitar with Rooted Music Online

During 2013, I also began playing with the Passion Band going on a World Tour where we played in 6 different countries, and getting to be a part of some of their tours in the Spring and Fall. I’ve learned so much from those incredible experiences and am excited to impart some of that knowledge to the students!”

Get your Christmas Music tutorials today!

Head here to read more or get instant access to your Christmas music tutorials.

Other Piano or Guitar Learning Opportunities

See his courses here:

Worship Piano 101 Course

Sometimes, the Rooted Music Worship Piano 101 course is open for enrollment. If you desire to learn to play hymns in a modern style for family or church worship, you will LOVE this course!

This course includes 13 individual lessons complete with weekly homework, weekly sheet music, PDF flashcards, and a progress chart.

You’ll learn to read music fluidly & improve your sight-reading.

Rooted Music Coaching Worship Piano 101

This course comes with a built-in family plan which means that everyone in the family can learn without buying additional licenses and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

In the Worship Piano 101 Course, you’ll learn all sorts of different concepts that are applicable whether you’re just starting out or dusting off old skills long forgotten.

You’ll learn things like:

How to play music in the key of C. With this foundational skill, you’ll really have the tools you need to become fluid at playing any worship song in the Key of C (and there are quite a few)!

How to play your first song in 6 weeks or less! Gain the tools to do way more than just play along with a tutorial, instead, you’ll have a new understanding of music that you’ll be able to build upon for years to come. 

How to read music fluidly & improve sight-reading so you can jump into a song, no matter how complex the music may be.

And music theory so you can apply fundamentals to band & live music settings.

Read more about the Worship Piano 101 Course here.


Rooted Online Hymn Tutorials

A third option for learning to play with the Rooted Music Online tutorials is with Hymns!

Get piano tutorials for 3 classic hymns:

 Be Thou My Vision
Amazing Grace
Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Just like for the Christmas songs above, you’ll get in-depth teachings, chord charts, and playdown videos so you can learn to play and worship from the comfort of your own home or you can take your skills to your church platform.

There are tutorials for both beginners and advanced users. If you are a beginner, hymns are an awesome way to begin learning. If you’re advanced, you’ll learn advanced techniques for hymn playing. Or go from beginner to advanced as you work with these forever with lifetime access.

Plus, you’ll have a community of support and encouragement from hundreds of other worship leaders, stay at home parents, executives, grandparents, beginners, and pros who are all learning worship piano with you.

Get your Rooted Online Hymn Tutorials here.

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