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Free 15-Minute Music Lesson on “Mary, Did You Know?”

Welcome to today’s 15-Minute Music Lesson on “Mary, Did You Know?.” This beautiful song is arguably one of the best songs ever written!

I know you and your kids will enjoy this quick music lesson as you prepare for the Christmas season!

15-Minute Music Lesson freebie for the song "Mary, Did You Know?" with a 4-page printable pack. #musicinourhomeschool #musiclessonsforkids #musicfreebie


“Mary, Did You Know?”

The song “Mary, Did You Know?” was written by Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene. Lowry is a Christian comedian and singer. He wrote the lyrics (words) in 1984; they talk about what Mary, the mother of Jesus, might have been thinking about her son. The music was written by Greene in 1991. The song has been recorded by numerous recording artists.

Three Versions of “Mary, Did You Know?”

Listen to the following three versions of “Mary, Did You Know?” below and decide which is your favorite!

The Bible Series and CeeLo Green

I love this first video which shows scenes from Mary and Jesus’s life. (You might want to preview first before showing to younger children.)

Mary Did You Know – Incredible Footage From The Bible (ft. CeeLo Green) from thebibleseries on GodTube.


Next is an a cappella (voices only) version by the group Pentatonix:

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Mark Lowry and Voctave

Finally, listen to a version sung by Mark Lowry, the man who wrote the words for “Mary, Did You Know?.” He sings a solo and is backed up by the cappella group Voctave.

Download the Mary, Did You Know 15-Minute Music Lesson 4-page printable pack for free here: 


  • coloring page
  • word find
  • crossword puzzle
  • “listen and draw” page

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15-Minute Music Lesson freebie for the song "Mary, Did You Know?" with a 4-page printable pack. #musicinourhomeschool #musiclessonsforkids #musicfreebie

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  1. This would allow me to help bring my son home from Taiwan for the holidays. What a blessing that would be! Thanks for the chance and good luck to all!

  2. This would be such a blessing to our family becuase we need the next level in our math curriculum, but don’t have the money for it right now. There are also plenty of booksnInwould love to own for our homeschool.

  3. This would bless my family by allowing us to get the art curriculum I’ve been saving up for as well as getting each kid something extra special.

  4. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Thank you for blessing us with this today. It always reminds me that I also do not know the plans God has for the children he has placed in my care, but I can trust them into His hands. What a wonderful Savior we have in Christ Jesus our Lord!

  5. My favorite is by Pentatonix, although it was really interesting to see how the author sang Hy-Vee I prefer less staccato and more lagato phrases than he had at the beginning of the song though. And I agree, it would be a really big blessing for us this year.

  6. This would give me the ability to buy my daughter the Christmas present that she really wants and a locket with my Grandma’s picture inside, so that she has a picture of her to look at when she’s feeling sad and missing Great Grandma. (Great Grandma was murdered on March 14, 2019.) We could also buy things to get the house that we will be building built and move on ready.

  7. This would be a blessing because my husband is a Pastor and it would mean we might get to have a little family vacation and much needed break.

  8. Thanks for the free 15 min Mary did you know. This is one of my fav Christmas songs. Looking forward to doing many more music lessons. Also thanks for the giveaway. If I won it would go towards Christmas care packages to my Marine son and Army son. Thanks again!

  9. If I won it would go towards Christmas care packages to my Marine Son and Army son as they will not be home for Christmas this year.

  10. I remember loving “Mary Did You Know” as a child, but my own kids have probably never heard it! We’ll definitely be taking a listen to some of these renditions. 🙂

  11. Winning would bless our family immensely. We would use it for Christmas gifts for our family and to fix a couple of things in our house that need attention (one of the joys of a 115 year old house!).

  12. This giveaway would bless our family by allowing us to pay our bills for the year and maybe get a few Christmas presents too!

  13. I love this song. I know every year, people get all bent out of shape about how “of course Mary knew” but truly, I think they are missing the point.

    I really look forward to working through these lessons with my middle and high schoolers… and maybe the adult kid at home too. Thank you for such wonderful products!

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