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Free 15-Minute Music Lesson for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon, so let’s have a fun 15-Minute Music Lesson for St. Patrick’s Day about the music of Ireland today! Watch four videos to learn about Irish instruments, watch a Celtic fiddler play and dance at the same time, watch traditional Irish dancing, and learn about St. Patrick.

Free 15-Minute Music Lesson for St. Patrick's Day with a free 4-page printable pack. #musicinourhomeschool #homeschoolmusic #musiclessonsforkids #stpatricksday

15-Minute Music Lesson for St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Instruments

The Chieftains are a traditional Irish instrumental band formed in 1962, which is still performing.

In the video above they are playing some traditional Irish instruments. See if you can identify the Bodhrán (drum), Uilleann pipes (“pump of the elbow,” which have pump-operated bellows), Celtic harp, fiddle (violin), and Irish flute.

Learn about the Irish Flute, which is made of wood, in the next video:

Here’s a closer look at the Uilleann Pipes:

Another Irish instrument is the Irish Bouzouki, which is similar to a mandolin.

Next, let’s watch and listen to a fiddler from the all-female Irish group called Celtic Woman:

Irish Dancing

The Irish are also well-known for their dancing. See the Riverdance performers do a traditional Irish Dance here:

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St. Patrick

Finally, if you have some extra time, learn about the man St. Patrick himself with this fun animated video:


Printable Pack for Music Lesson for St. Patrick’s Day:

Download a free four-page printable pack to go along with this music lesson for St. Patrick’s Day.

Included is a:

Listen and Draw page (as you listen to the music, draw something that it sounds like to you),

Matching the Terms page of what you learned

Label a Map of Ireland page

Page to learn and write the names of common musical note types.

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