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Music in Our Homeschool 1000-Member Giveaway

I’m so excited that our Music in Our Homeschool Facebook group has grown to over 1000 members! To celebrate I have partnered with a number of homeschool music product publishers to bring you some fun and educational items for giveaways! Enter one or all! Thanks for supporting Music in Our Homeschool and helping us to grow to give us better ways to help and support you in your homeschooling endeavors.

Music in Our Homeschool 1000-Member Giveaway, lots of great music curriculum and product giveaways for homeschoolers

If you are a homeschooler, head over to the Music in Our Homeschool private Facebook group to enter all the giveaways!

Marcia Washburn’s Beethoven Who

Beethoven Who cover--Small--40 KB (1)

Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music shows you how to:

  • Unlock the mysteries of musical notation.
  • Grow comfortable using the vocabulary of music.
  • Find appealing classical, folk, patriotic, and sacred music.
  • Enjoy fun hands-on activities with your children as you explore music together.
  • Tie in music with other subjects and interests.
  • Share your music with others.

What is included?

  • The Elements of Music
  • Classical Music Your Child Will Love—teaching tips and links for listening
  • Activities to teach pitch, rhythm, form, dynamics, tempo, musical terms, etc.
  • Heritage Music Every Child Should Know—folk, patriotic, and sacred
  • Making Music Together
  • Hundreds of external and internal links
  • Glossary of Musical Terms
  • Five appendices and complete index; 334 pages 

Diana Waring’s All Glory, Laud, & Honor: Seventeen Centuries of Christian Hymns CD

All Glory, Laud, and Honor CD from Diana Waring, 14 hymns from 15 centuries

Read all about the All Glory, Laud, & Honor CD here.Church hymns from the Early Church to the Great Awakening!

The CD contains 14 a capella arrangements of Church hymns from the Early Church to the Great Awakening!

You’ll also want to check out Diana Waring’s site to see all the other wonderful history materials she has. My favorites are Experience History Through Music.

Susan Brown’s Music Flash Card Bundle

I’m happy to give away the Music Flash Card Bundle by Susan Brown of Warm Hearts Publishing.


This bundle contains four products:

  1. Music Intervals and Key Signatures flash cards
  2. Music Symbols flash cards
  3. Musical Terms flash cards
  4. Note Name Keyboard Collapse Flash Card Game

7 Sisters Homeschool’s Literature Study Guide for Hymns and Creeds

Next, we have a great upper-level study from 7 Sisters Homeschool called the Literature Study Guide for Hymns and Creeds.

Here is what the high school student will study:

  • What is a hymn?
  • Some of the most well-known hymns
  • Choose 5 and research them online
  • Answer 7 questions (essay style) for each hymn
  • Supplemental creative writing activity
  • What is a creed?
  • Creeds in Scripture
  • The Apostles’ Creed with questions to answer
  • The Nicene Creed with questions to answer
  • Supplemental activity about 2 other creeds

Amy Blevins’  Composer Quotes for Copywork and Hymn Studies and Copywork

From Homeschool Copywork we have 2 sets to give away: Composer Quotes for Copywork set and Hymn Unit Study and Copywork set.

Composer Quotes for Copywork Set, perfect for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers or any who want to combine music with handwriting and grammar practice, from Music in Our Homeschooll

This set of copywork contains quotes from the composers Liszt, Copland, Duke Ellington, Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart.

Hymn Unit Study and Copywork Set, perfect for Charlotte Mason homeschoolers and any who want to combine music with handwriting or grammar lessons, from Music in Our Homeschool
The Hymn Study and Copywork set contains these hymns:
  • Amazing Grace
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
  • Anywhere With Jesus
  • All Creatures of Our God and King
We will have 2 winners for this giveaway! One will win Composer Quotes and one will win Hymns. Read more about the Hymn Study here.
Check out the Homeschool Copywork site here.

Mary Prather’s SQUILT combo of Meet the Composers and Meet the Instruments

From SQUILT, we have a combo set of both Meet the Composers and Meet the Instruments! These are so wonderful for a hands-on activity for kids to learn about instruments and composers.
SQUILT Meet the Instruments

Annette Breedlove’s Christmas Unit Study Sounds of the Season

In All You Do

The Sounds of the Season Christmas study includes 10 classic Christmas songs and carols including: “Angels We Have Heard on High,” “Carol of the Bells,” “O Holy Night,” and more.

Karen Cadera’s Grand Masters of Music online course

Grand Masters of Music composer study online course

Karen Cadera is giving away access to one person to her $147 Composer Study Course! See Grand Masters of Music (36 Unit Composer Study Course) Premium here!
Everyone who signs up for the FREE 6 Unit Composer study will be entered into a draw to win the 36 Unit Composer Study course, which launches on the 5th of October.
Deadline to sign up is before midnight on the 3rd of October.  On the 4th she will announce the winner of the 36 Unit course in the Music in Our Homeschool Facebook group.

The Unplanned Homeschooler’s The History of Rock and Roll 

The History of Rock and Roll goes in-depth. Some of the videos just show a photo with the audio playing, some are recorded from concerts, some are music videos, and some are explanatory about a subject. I love how she also includes information about inventions that affected rock and roll, like the electric guitar and 45 rpm records.

The Domestic Musician’s Sing With Me Bundle

"Sing With Me" Bundle of music videos to do with your elementary kids

The Domestic Musician is giving away the “Sing With Me” bundle that contains 7 videos for elementary-aged kids to learn at home. 

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)

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